May 23, 2012

OP-ED About Sign at Acushnet, MA Church Way Off Base

In an op-ed in the New Bedford Standard Times (South Coast Today entitled Your View: St Francis sign embarrasses Acushnet, the authors commented on the large sign in front of St Francis Xavier Parish of Acushnet, MA by saying the message was "a shameful insolent act" and then followed with a perplexing question: How could anyone post such a hurtful, grievous words about another human being"?.

So right off the bat they were simply ignoring the fact that Catholic Church was expressing an opinion, which is why I responded by leaving a comment that said basically "lighten up". I suppose in the minds of the authors, they do not have the right to their own opinion unless it is politically correct, or agrees with their view. So I'll skip the part where I recite the First Amendment of the Constitution, which covers religious freedom as well as freedom of speech and go right to their accusation that the words are "hurtful and grievous".
Compared to the hostile and much more judgmental rhetoric on the signs of homosexual activists who showed up last Sunday, or the telephone calls to the church threatening several acts of violence including burning the church down, the Church's response to President Obama's sudden change of position on gay marriage last week couldn't be more innocuous or civil

I mean, there is not a hint of hatred or personal condemnation in the message they conveyed on their sign that they posted on “THEIR PROPERTY”, only one that is consistent with the church's long standing position that marriage is between a man and a woman.

The Biblical account shows that after the creation of the first man, God said: "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make him a helper suitable for him". (The  key word here is suitable)

At this point God could have created another man for Adam, but he chose instead to create a special creature, with a special set of "plumbing" and a special "brain" designed specifically to compliment him physically and fulfill his needs, both physically and emotionally. Any man and woman who has ever been married will confirm this, if they are willing to be totally honest.

The Biblical account of the creation of the perfect "helper" for man ends with God bringing the woman to the man for the first marriage by saying:

Genesis 2: 24 For this cause a man shall leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave to his wife (have sex), and they shall become one flesh 

Getting back to the sign, though, St Xavier's had every right to post that message on "THEIR PROPERTY"

The person that posted the second sign on “THEIR FENCE”, however,  was totally out of line and had no right to do that what-so-ever. That sign says: “You may not be welcome in the Church, but you are in the community. Spread love, not hate. With it was attached a rainbow balloon.

Monsignor Gerard O'Connor of St Francis Parish explained that the message was meant to show where they stand on the hot button issue of same sex marriage. “There's no hatred in the gospel of Jesus Christ and there can never be. We've got to do everything out of love”, said O'Connor to WBZ-TV. “That's what the church teaches…We understand people disagree with us, but we do it out of love. We never said we hate anybody”

The MA Resistance web site which has been covering the militant homosexual movement for many years now published a very informativearticle on the incident in Acushnet and complimented the church hierarchy and parishioners for not backing down, even though they did take the sign down after a day or so. It was replaced with a sign that says: “Go out and proclaim the gospel”

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