Oct 16, 2010

Jim McKenna pulls within 9 points of Martha Coakley in latest Opinion Dynamics Poll

Jim McKenna (R) greets voters in his bid to unseat incumbent Attorney General Martha Coakley during the St. Johns vs Shrewsbury High School football game

With only 18 days left Jim McKenna has pulled within 9 points of Martha Coakley, according to the most recent Opinion Dynamics poll.

After just two and a half months of campaigning, Martha Coakley is below 50 percent and he is closing the gap.

In his latest press release he states: “Our biggest hurdle remains name identification. I am campaigning hard every day, meeting with voters and getting our message of putting enforcement back into law enforcement. This week, I called on Coakley to investigate Tim Cahill's alleged violations and halt the Lottery's ads. She finally acted yesterday.”

“Martha Coakley has had a chance to be the state's top cop. We have seen what she has to offer, and it is time for someone new to take on corruption at the Beacon Hill Boys and Girls Club, watch out for the consumer's best interests and enforce immigration laws.”

The Jazz Patriot is proud to endorse Jim Mckenna for Attorney General of Massachusetts. He’s a good honest man with a stellar record as a prosecuting attorney who is committed to enforcing the law not advancing a political agenda.

Sincerely Senior Chief Tom Wholley, USN Ret (alias "The Jazz Patriot")

The following video can be found at Jim McKenna’s website along with other interesting information about Jim, his background, and his ideas for cleaning up corruption in Massachusetts.

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