Oct 25, 2010

Boston Globe Poll has Frank leading Bielat by 13 points

A new poll taken by the Boston Globe has US Representative Barney Frank, Democrat of Newton, leading his Republican challenger Sean Bielat by 13 percentage points among likely voters in the Massachusetts Fourth Congressional District. The survey of 385 likely voters had a margin of error of 5 percent.

Bielat, a moderate Republican who was endorsed by John McCain last week has aggressively attacked Frank for his role in the Fannie Mae – Freddie Mac debacle which led to the financial meltdown and present recession with skyrocketing unemployment. Bielat also received an endorsement from Sarah Palin last week as well, but dismissed it by saying, though he welcomed her endorsement he did not seek it and that she was not his top choice for a Presidential run.

Bielat said recently that he felt momentum in the race begin to shift toward him when Bill Clinton appeared at a Frank Rally and when it was reported that Frank felt it necessary to give $200k towards his own campaign for the final stretch run. Frank on the other hand has criticized the former Marine Lieutenant and Consultant to Department of Defense Contractors for his willingness to consider raising the Social Security retirement age to 72.

When questioned by reporters at a recent press conference on his views on abortion Bielat stated his belief that "Roe vs Wade was settled law" which prompted a lecture from Frank that it was a 5/4 decision which continues to be challenged by Republicans intent on getting more conservatives nominated to the Supreme court and is hardly settled law in his view.

With 11% of voters still undecided it is unclear which way they will break, although many political professionals believe that undecided voters this close to election usually break against the incumbent which could be good news for the Bielat camp considering the 5% margin of error.

The Globe article also said “voters also seemed unsure of his positions, background, or even that he was running at all, while many voiced support for Frank, who has represented the diverse district for three decades . The poll also showed that enthusiasm for voting in the election was running much higher among Republicans than Democrats.

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