Jul 8, 2009

Conservatism on the South Coast ?

I believe very strongly that a grass roots conservative political movement can develop in the South Coast Region of Massachusetts because the area is filled with Conservatives who don’t know they’re conservative, not because of how they vote in elections but because of how they live their lives. With a lot of faith, prayer, diligence, re-education and hard work we can break the grip that hard corps Marxist-socialist/liberals like Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry have had on the region for years. We must, however, resist taking the bribes they offer us in the guise of political earmarks and programs like "Universal Health Care" that will allow them to stay in power and lead the Country in a war against prosperity and individual freedoms that already has us on a path towards third world nationhood. Although the task we are called on to accomplish is monumental, I believe with the help of a growing Conservative Media, a declining national Liberal media, and blogs like this one we can drive the demagogues out. Keep the faith and BELIEVE. Sincerely Senior Chief Musician Thomas C Wholley, USN Retired