Oct 15, 2014

Scary Thoughts To Think About This Halloween

There is much to be afraid about this Halloween. www.therightplanet.com

With Halloween approaching I’m beginning to find my head filled with scary thoughts like these when I wake up in the morning:

Scary Thought # 1: Two hundred thirty three (233) doctors and nurses have died from the Ebola virus and no one is reporting it. Is it possible that all 233 doctors working for various world health organizations in Africa died because they weren’t following protocols prescribed by their employers? I don't think so. I mean, according to the director of the CDC, who by the way is the same politically correct medical bureaucrat, who banned 16 ounce soft drinks in NYC, the nurse in Dallas who contracted Ebola was not following protocols.

Scary thought # 2: There are actually people in the highest levels of our government that believe it wouldn’t be fair to protect Americans from obtaining the Ebola virus when so many Africans are dying from the terrible disease. And that is the reason they won’t close our borders to travelers from Africa, along with the fact that blanket amnesty will be granted to everyone after the November elections. This is simply not a good time for Obama to worry about national security and keeping American's safe..

Scary thought # 3: Bagdad is about to be taken over by ISIS while the Iraqi government screams for American ground troops to save them, but the desperate pleas are falling  on deaf ears, that fear being compared to George W Bush. Where are the adults in this administration? Answer: They don't exist, apparently.

Scary thought # 4: A second whistleblower on the NSA has revealed that over a million American citizens are having their phone calls monitored by the NSA. I bet they are all conservatives or tea party members, after all they are Obama’s real enemies, in his mind, not terrorists.

Scary thought # 4: Susan Rice lied through her teeth again this Sunday saying that Turkey is allowing us to use airbases to mount attacks on ISIS, something the Turkish government vehemently and immediately denied. This is the same woman who went on 5 Sunday talk shows after the Benghazi attack to blame the terrorist attack on the American consulate in Benghazi on a You Tube video, which was an outright lie cooked up by Obama's staff. What do you have to do to lose credibility with the national media anymore? The answer to that question is easy! Be a conservative or a member of the tea party.

I feel like everyone that works for this administration or is a member of the mainstream media cannot be trusted when they make official statements or news reports. They see everything through the spectrum of politics, and are completely devoid of common sense. 

 It's a surreal and scary feeling knowing there are no adults running our government or reporting the news, which may be the reason for my insatiable desire to keep this blog going. It seems we're on our own now, and we need citizen journalists to report the truth.

The media as well as our government does not have the countries' best interests in mind anymore. They see themselves as part of a global world community before they see themselves as Americans and they've been infiltrated by agenda driven socialists and environmental extremists, who believe that America is more of a threat to the world than Radical Islamic terrorists even are, which may be the scariest thought of all. Happy Halloween!

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Oct 5, 2014

8 More MA towns and cities to Vote on the Community Preservation Act on Nov 4, 2014

Eight more Massachusetts’ towns and cities will be voting on Agenda 21’s  Community Preservation Act on Nov 4 including my home town of New Bedford, as well as, Egremont. Arlington, Boxborough, Otis, Newbury, Berkley, and Woburn.

The editorial in this mornings Sunday Standard Times  entitled “Community Preservation Act is Goodgovernment, shows that the editors are clueless about Agenda 21 as well as it’s tentacles like the Community Preservation Act (CPA) which was adopted by the neighboring city of Fall River, MA in 2012, despite the diligent efforts of some of my conservative political friends.  Of course the advocates of the CPA are quite experienced at deceiving the city planners in towns and cities now. In fact the mayor of New Bedford, John Mitchell convinced the City Council to have the ballot question placed on the back of the State Ballot as Question # 5, with little or no resistance.
Exempting low-income property owners and senior citizens from mandatory contributions to the CPA fund are obvious efforts to make the initiative more palatable to low information voters, as is usually the way Democrats entice  the public on new tax bills, which this definitely is, as well as a giant, unconstitutional land grab.
But who cares, I guess, as long as some other taxpayer pays for it, like you and I. We don't really need our money anyway, do we? Make the rich pay for it, so the saying goes around here. They don't need it.

Better still why don't we just tie it to the rate of inflation as the State Legislature did to the gasoline tax, which you'll have the opportunity to vote on in Question # 1, which I hope you vote Yes on, otherwise our gasoline taxes will be growing larger and larger throughout our lifetime, without ever having the opportunity to vote for separate tax bills. It's call taxation without representation.. Yeah....that's the way to do it!

It will be difficult to change the public's opinion in New Bedford, now that the Standard Times is in the bag as well as the entire City government apparently, but if you are so inclined feel free to send an email to letters@s-t.com regarding this terrible editorial linked in the second paragraph above, and tell them you've had enough with higher taxes and the loss of your constitutional rights, as free citizens and property owners in the United States of America. 

Even though Agenda 21 has been around since 1987 and the United States signed on to it in 1992 under President George H W Bush, subsequent Presidents, with the exception of George W Bush have increased our commitment to the diabolical scheme, which was designed to be a Global Power grab by the America hating United Nations, with the ultimate goal of establishing a one world government, with the United Nations in charge, which is now being introduced to unsuspecting communities using deceitful names like Sustainable Development, Smart Growth and now the Community Preservation Act, which should really be called the Community Plundering Act.

The CPA at first was adopted in mainly rural areas with the idea of acquiring beautiful wilderness areas from private citizens all under the guise of saving the environment, while pushing it’s inhabitants into the cities and stacking and packing them along light commuter rail lines like rats. Now do your understand the real motivation behind the South Coast Rail project which I've written about at Beware: SouthCoast  Rail Project is Nothing Less than UN "Agenda 21" Takeover Scheme. The Corridor plan discussed in this article shows that Governor Patrick was much more interested in Agenda 21 than he let on.

Now the cities are being targeted, because that's where the money is. Grants are distributed to cities that apply for wonderful sounding projects like,  dog parks, ball parks, bike paths, hiking trails, which all sound like great ideas in themselves except they come loaded with strings attached in the form of burdensome regulations and restrictions that exacerbate their finances once the grants expire. And that is the idea.

They start out small, but their goals are big and destructive, and if they decide to confiscate your property under "eminent domain", or restrict you from altering it in any way ,there is nothing you can do about it, because you live in a community that is receiving CPA grants. Eventually you might not have have anything to say about your property at all, and you'll be paying far more for it's taxes than you originally expected to.
Other tentacles of Agenda 21 include the ruination of the New England Fishing Industry through NOAA; SRPEDD, Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District; and the diabolical Common Core Curriculum in our schools teaching our kids to be useful idiots in a one world government, through the dumbing down of education.

I’ve written extensively about Agenda 21 over the last couple of years and I really haven’t even touched the surface yet, as there is so much to learn, but a good starting point would be to read MA South Coast Residents Learn About “Agenda 21”.

Oct 4, 2014

Now even the US Secret Service is looking the other way

At a time the Ebola virus has entered our country courtesy of US Customs; terrorists are crossing our open borders at break neck speed;  and one group in particular, ISIS, is even threatening to behead the families of American servicemen, it is incredible that the US Secret Service is also looking the other way when intruders hop over the White House fence.

I’m not being sarcastic when I make such an incredible statement, only truthful. The men and women of the United States Secret Service are some of the most highly trained and effective federal agents that we have.

They are not inept!

There is no way someone could jump the fence at the White House and go very far unless someone told them to look the other way.

In the latest incident the intruder not only jumped the fence, but walked through the front door, past the stairway that leads to the first family’s living quarters, and all the way to the East Room where an agent, by chance, spotted him, and apprehended him.

I just happened to be reading a book this week on the History of the Secret Service entitled In the Presidents Secret Servicewritten by Ronald Kessler., when I began thinking of this latest incident that struck me as out of character for the Secret Service. They received bad publicity when certain agents were found frolicking at cat houses in Central America, but no one has accused them of being off their game professionally for many years.


Kessler in great detail explains all the lessons those that have been tasked with protecting the President and his family have learned over the years starting with the Assassination of President Lincoln all the way up through the Assassination of President Kennedy and beyond, to the state of the art technological provisions and procedures that were in place when the highly trained members of the Secret Service began protecting President Obama.

If you think for one moment that the men and women who protect the President and his family, who  are prepared to take a bullet for him, are inept and incapable of providing adequate protection , then you need to read this book.

Kessler wrote back in 2009 shortly after Obama took over that though security violations are non stop at the White House and are usually caused by mentally unstable individuals, it has become virtually impossible for someone to jump the fence without being detected and emphatically stopped almost immediately.

He writes about the highly trained dogs that are used in response to incidents such as fence jumpers at the White House. “You know right away if there’s a fence jumper”, a Secret Service agent says.

Then he discusses the “electronic eyes and ground sensors six feet away from the side walk that are monitored twenty four hours a day.” Infrared detectors installed closer to the house” and “audio detectors.

“Every angle is covered by cameras and recorded”, he writes.  

The he talks about the Uniformed Division officers and the Uniformed Division’s Emergency Response Team, armed with P90 submachine guns, as being the first line of defense.

“If somebody jumps that fence, ERT is going to get them right away, either with a dog or just themselves”, an agent says.

“They’ll give the dog a command and that dog will knock over a two hundred fifty pound man. It will hit him dead center and take him down. The counter sniper guys within the Uniformed Division are always watching their backs”

And if the intruder is armed forget about it.

“A suspect who is armed and has jumped the fence may get a warning to drop the weapon. If he does not immediately obey the command, the Secret Service is under orders to take the person out quickly rather than risk any kind of hostage-taking action”, Kessler writes, referring to the procedures that were in place when Obama took over.

So what happened?

Why was there such an obvious breakdown of long standing security measures. I can only speculate, but it seems to me that when dedicated highly trained men and women start looking the other way, it must be that they were told to do so.


Does it really sound that implausible, when you consider the breakdown in security at our borders and now at the customs gates of international airports, where people are trying to enter the United States from countries that are being destroyed by the Ebola virus?

Or is it an example of “over the top” speculation when we know Obama looked the other way when ISIS was getting stronger and stronger in Syria, and he simply gaffed it off saying  they were the junior varsity team.

Or am I over-reaching when I talk about a government that overlooked voter intimidation by the Black Panther Party in Philadelphia; or the Fast and Furious Gun running scandal the President didn’t seem the least bit interested in; or American citizens being harassed by the IRS because of their political views; or the refusal to help an American ambassador and his security detail while under attack. If that wasn’t looking the other way I don’t know what is.

And that is the problem as I see it. This “look the other way attitude’ that is permeating the entire Obama administration, even the United States Secret Service for crying out loud and it is putting the entire country at risk and I haven’t the foggiest notion why?

Is it political correctness gone amuck? Or is it simply a matter of having too many liberals at the controls in the various agencies. And then there is the chick-I-fication factor in these various agencies to consider as well.

I should probably quit now while I'm ahead. Later!

Oct 2, 2014

Vote Yes in Massachusetts for Question # 1

Voting Yes on Question #1 in the MA Statewide election on Nov 4, which eliminates the requirement that the states’s gasoline  tax be tied to the rate of inflation, would send a message to the next governor and the State legislature that raising taxes without giving the people’s representatives an opportunity to vote on a specific tax bill, will not be tolerated in Massachusetts.

Does taxation without representation ring a bell? It should. Actually it should sound a frightening  alarm because it was one of the main grievances against the British government that led to the American Revolution and is even mentioned in the Declaration of Independence..

And don’t fall for the arguments being presented by those who oppose the initiative,  including Democrat candidate for Governor, Martha Coakley, that the money is needed for road and bridge repair, which really tugs at your heart strings doesn’t it? And brings tears to your eyes.

The only problem is this argument is a blatant lie and those who have the nerve to use it, like Coakley did recently,  do so with an arrogant smirk on their face as though those of us who oppose being taxed without having the opportunity to have our representatives vote for a specific tax bill are not intelligent enough to understand the reasoning behind it.

But believe me, we understand what they are up to and “it ain’t good”.

The initiative cuts no money for bridge or road repair. In fact the last time gas taxes were increased, the money was diverted from road repair. If they want money for road and bridge repair then they should vote on separate bills authorizing such repair.

 Coakley even mocked Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker, who I have not supported as of yet,  for helping collect signatures to get the question on the ballot, one of the few positions Charlie Baker has ever taken that I agree with.

But this is a non partisan issue, as it affects all of us… Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and even those who rarely vote where it hurts the most… in our wallets.

In fact this question alone is good enough reason to vote this time around.

As the brochure issued by the State on the ballot questions explains,  we are already paying “hefty” gasoline taxes every time we go to the pumps– 26.5 cents per gallon for state taxes and 18.4 cents for federal taxes. For an average 15 gallon fill up, you spend $6.73 in taxes, but it is much worse than that.

When the price of gasoline goes up, the costs businesses accrue go up, like transportation  costs, which are then passed on to the consumer and eventually lead to increased unemployment rates.  Have you noticed how much we are paying for food items now? Do we really need such an initiative that raises prices at this time? Aren’t enough people already out of work, or working at two or three jobs just to feed their families and pay their bills.

But that is not all, if these scoundrels in Boston get away with this, and by that I mean the leaders of both political parties, and all their clones that fall in line in their respective legislative bodies,  then the model for increasing taxes will be etched in stone.  No longer will it be necessary to write new tax laws that need to be voted on, if the ones that already exist are linked to something that we have no control over, like the rate of inflation.

You’ll be taxed from all directions on all sorts of issues, and you won’t even know it until it’s too late.

Don’t let them get away with it. Vote Yes on Question # 1.
For more info go to



Sep 28, 2014

SouthCoast Conservative Republicans refuse to feel discouraged

Here we go again. I was just starting to feel a pulse again following a disappointing primary election day, though I still get a tinge of nausea when I hear the many stories abounding about  dirty political tricks mounted on Conservative campaigns by the MA GOP establishment during the recent primary season.

After returning to my home state of Massachusetts 16 years ago after a career in the US Navy as a member of US Navy Bands whose last state of residence was Tennessee, I was astounded to learn that being a conservative and a Christian would be so unpopular among those that lead the Republican party in the State of Massachusetts and it still amazes me every time I fight for traditional conservative and patriotic candidates in a primary campaign.

I realize there are not as many evangelical Christians in the State of Massachusetts as there are in Tennessee or all the other red states, but there are certainly hordes of folks that believe in God and country and, though they may not vote as conservatives they are certainly conservative in the way they live their lives, and form a huge reservoir of untapped voters along with the majority of residents who don’t even vote at all because they simply don’t trust politicians, and for good reason.

But for some reason the leaders of the Mass GOP never see the potential of running and supporting conservative candidates. And of course they say it’s because a conservative can’t  win in Massachusetts even though there is no evidence to support that theory.

We know Scot Brown won his first attempt to win a seat in the US Senate when he ran as a Conservative  and we know Ronald Reagan won by a landslide twice in Massachusetts when he ran for President.

Although this might sound exaggerated or simply a case of sour grapes, those of us that have volunteered to help conservative candidates in the past have received a great education at the hand of these country club republicans who are afraid to rock the boat and risk losing invites to Democrat social functions hosted by donors with deep pockets.


They are content in being the number two guys on the block and partaking of some of the crumbs that fall from their master’s table.

So after I took my daily dosage of pepto bismal and aspirin I hurried to the first meeting since the election of my local MARA 9th chapter on Cape Cod and was encouraged to find the room filled with smiling faces and activists who I know supported many of the conservatives who went down in flames during the primaries throughout the State but still seemed remarkably energized and up beat.

The meeting began as always with a real heart felt prayer, not a formalized watered down  rendition, followed by the pledge of allegiance which ended with “one nation, under God with liberty and justice for all”, with an audible declaration of “born and unborn’ added from a remarkable and very well known activist sitting two seats away from me.
Tea Party candidate Mark Alliegro of Falmouth, MA lost primary bid for US Congress by 523 votes

After that I realized that all was well with the world and the conservatives in Massachusetts weren’t going anywhere. One of the candidates for the 9th Congressional District who lost his race by a mere 523 votes, Mark Alliegro,  seemed remarkably optimistic about the prospects for continued conservative growth in the MA GOP and even announced he will be hosting an election day party on November 4th at the Holy Ghost Social Hall in East Falmouth , celebrating what is expected to be a good day for republicans nationally.
Ron Beaty, candidate for State Senate (Mid and Lower Cape)

We also unanimously accepted into our membership Ron Beaty who won his primary for the State Senate for the Cape and the Islands District. Donations to his campaign may now be legally accepted and should be made payable to: “The Ronald Beaty Campaign” and mailed to 245 Parker Rd Barnstable, MA 02668. Mr Beaty is running against Democrat/ Socialist incumbent Dan Wolfe. He described himself as a very conservative native, life-long Cape resident. Details of his postitions on the issues may be found at votecorevalues.com

So the fight continues, but one thing is certain: It is no time to hide or worse, give up! We may have lost another battle, but not the war, because of the innate feeling among most of our members that God is on our side. And to that I say AMEN and God Bless America! 

Sep 27, 2014

What is wrong with Bill O'Reilly's proposal for a Mercenary Force to fight terrorism?

Bill O'Reilly of Fox News (photo @ http://deadline.com)

Television host, Bill O’Reilly of the O’Reilly Factor proposed an interesting idea this week that he believes is the solution for dealing with worldwide jihad by radical Islamic terrorist groups.

O’Reilly thinks a mercenary force funded and supported by a world wide coalition of nations is the only way these savage terrorists can be defeated, because he believes the American people will never support further bloodshed by Americans in the Middle East.

And he may be correct about that.

Even within conservative circles and particularly the liberty caucus movement, there is no stomach for spending treasure we don’t have on foreign wars that don’t affect us at home.

Except this war most definitely does affect us, or at least will very soon right here in the homeland.

Right now we are concerned about ISIS, or ISIL and the Corazon group, which sounds like the name of a sponsor for a PBS special. And next week, we will probably be told those groups have been defeated just before random be-headings take place on American soil, perhaps in an American classroom someplace, where the teachers and school officials have had their second amendment rights to carry firearms stripped away by so called progressive and enlightened thinkers, who in actuality are totally clueless.

But getting back to the formation of a professional mercenary force:


To me O’Reilly’s plan has many troubling questions that need to be dealt with first before I could ever buy into this idea of a supporting a mercenary force  such as:

Who is going to command and control it, and how can we be sure once they have benefited from the latest training and technological triumphs in weaponry, we will undoubtedly provide for them, infiltrators to the Mercenary force won’t turn and use it against us?

I’m not saying it won’t help, but it will never destroy the threat we and our ally Israel are presently facing. And lets face it….our enemies hate us because we are historically the primary defenders of Israel, which brings me to the Bible, which in case you haven’t noticed has also been under attack for some time, simply because it is the Word of God written in 66 different books by many different writers from probably, the second millennium BC through the first century AD, all under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

I know…I’m one of an ever diminishing group of bible believing Christians that O’Reilly would probably consider a “religious fanatic”,  but everything that you need to know about what is happening in the Middle East is there for all to see and learn from.

And the Bible says that the culmination of this present epoch of human history will end at the Second coming of Christ when he returns to set up his kingdom on earth, but not before annihilating the world’s military forces which are foolishly arrayed against him, but will die in their own blood along with nearly the entire worlds population, with the exception of a small remnant,  during the Tribulation period which has been written about extensively in the prophetic books of the Bible.

The wisest course of action for the United Stated, therefore,  is to continue to support any action that protects Israel and to not believe the lies that propagate hatred and hostility to Israel and all the rights they have to living in the land that was given to them by God.

Genesis 12: 3 ...I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee...
 13: 15 For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed for ever

Any deviation from that strategy will only result in the same fate that has awaited every nation that has abandoned or committed treachery against Israel, including Great Britain which began turning on Israel at the beginning of the last century and has now lost it’s entire empire and is about to become the first Muslim nation in Europe, apparently, but not the last.

Could something like that happen to America? You better believe it unless we wake up, and wake up fast by electing competent leaders who believe the Bible is the Word of God and are willing to follow the US Constitution in regards to the Constitutional protections provided us by the framers to protect us in a time when our government is out of control as it is now.

And we also need to select a righteous President, who is articulate and able to passionately persuade the American people to fight for our freedoms when it is necessary to do so, as Franklin Roosevelt did during World War II, when public opinion favored letting other people do our fighting for us, as Bill O’Reilly is advocating we do now.


Sep 11, 2014

A Tale of Two Presidents

Last night President Obama addressed the nation on his plan to destroy ISIL which he apparently developed at earth shattering speed during the last couple of days, since he announced last week that there was no strategy for dealing with ISIS, which we now know was news to the CIA and the Pentagon, which had been warning Obama about ISIS for years, suggesting strategies and drawing up plans..

We also know it was news to former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, who admitted today was well aware of the threat assessments and the suggested courses of action that were being proposed.

One of the strangest moments in the speech appeared at the outset when he proclaimed that this group known as the "Islamic State in Iraq" has nothing to do with Islam, despite numerous declarations of bringing Gihad to America and death to Americans where ever they find them.

Unless you are one of the low information voters (Rush Limbaughs nomenclature for Obama's base) who only get their news from MSNBC, CNN,or network news you certainly are aware that the sudden reversal of position is a result of devastating poll numbers that reveal the American people have lost confidence in his ability to handle foreign policy.

So last night the anti war, noble peace prize winning, President became the war President. There is no word yet on whether he will have to return the coveted award.

His Secretary of State, John F Kerry, will probably urge him to hang on to it, considering Kerry doesn't really believe this is a war, despite the fact ISIS thinks they are clearly at war with the United States, while driving around in the American tanks, our Sunni Muslim President, generously left for them.

In the aftermath of the drastic change in policy, Obama's predecessor, President George W Bush is rising in stature every day. On the Fox News broadcast following the speech, Meagan Kelley ran an excerpt of a video made in 2007, in which President Bush predicted the very conditions in Iraq that Obama is now forced to rectify. Kelley also mentioned that the video has gone viral, since running it for the first time last week.

Is it possible that George W Bush is suddenly earning more credibility for his decisions made in the later part of the Iraq War? Well if he isn't, he certainly should be, in my opinion.

Former Bush administration press secretary, Dana Perino, pointed out in a panel discussion on Fox News last night following the debate, that while Obama's decision to reenter the War in Iraq  are obviously poll driven, George W's were made in complete disregard to his internal polls, which showed the American people would be totally opposed to a "surge" if he decided to go ahead with the plan.

But he went ahead with the plan anyway, despite the warnings of many of his advisors and never wavered, even though it took 8 months to see any tangible evidence of success, while the Democrats and their media pounded away at him relentlessly.

You can argue about whether we should have gone into Iraq in the first place, if you want to ignore our mindset following 9/11, when 3000 Americans died, and the prevailing mood in the country, including the US Congress was to attack Iraq preminently, before they completed their nuclear program, but you can't argue about the brilliant way in which the War came to an end victoriously via the Surge..

Unfortunately his successor, Barack Obama, refused to heed President Bush's wise consul given in the following video, because he thought he knew better than anyone else. The Iraqui government was begging him to negotiate a status of forces agreement which is the norm following any War.

Heck...we still have troops in South Korea, Germany and Japan.

But despite the fact so many gave their lives in Iraq he refused to put any value on their supreme sacrifices and withdrew without signing any Status of Forces agreement, or atleast leaving a small force of 20,000 or so behind,  that certainly would have been sufficient enough to prevent ISIS from gaining a foothold in Iraq.

Well he was wrong and his announcement to a very concerned nation last night that the War in Iraq isn't over yet, proves it, and also proves that George W Bush was correct when he warned of the terrible consequences that would occur if the US left Iraq too hastily.

; Sources Washington Post:
Bush was right about Iraq pullout