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Apr 17, 2014

Preview of brand spanking new newspaper: The Boston Broadside

My friend and fellow conservative blogger Lonnie from Vote Core Values has decided to start a newspaper. This is a preview above the fold of the front page. Governor Patrick may be surprised to learn that even if he decided to forget about the Justina Pelletier family, while enjoying his vacation, many of us like Lonnie have not forgotton, and will not let this despicable abuse of power,  ineptitude, and criminal negligence go until the girl has been returned to her family's custody.

Apr 16, 2014

The Rapoza Report: April 2014

The Rapoza Report

                                                            April 2014

“Shining the light of truth on the offerings of liberal pabulum” – Linda Rapoza

Warning to liberals & RINOs: This column is not for the faint of heart! 


Elephants & Other Patriots,

The clock’s running out. Our constitutional rights are being trampled, our freedom of speech and association are being assaulted, and the fruits of our labor are being redistributed on an ever grander scale. Similarities between this regime and those of Cuba, the Third Reich and the old Soviet Union are unmistakable, but shut up or you too could become an enemy of the state.  

The iron fist of the current administration was always in place, waiting for the right time to be released. I wrote several “Reports” back in ‘08 about a presidential candidate raised by communists, mentored by communists, endorsed by communists, educated by Marxists, and befriended and groomed by Alinsky-ites. Did someone expect Thomas Jefferson to show up at the inauguration? Republicans were tongue-tied as those who carried him to victory knew and expected they would be.

Political correctness is just a polite term for fascism. (Fascism? Oh, Linda, you’re so extreme.) I’ve just been saying this for, like… forever. The Rip Van Winkles of the Republican Party are just now awakening to the conquering mentality of a government gone wild.  (Uh-oh.  When did this happen? Well, it happened while you were sleeping. You were so comfortable in that pot of simmering water that you never felt a thing as they slowly turned up the heat.) And you know why they turned up the heat? Because they knew they could!

The consequences of capitulation and compromise are many. At the top of the list is the creation of a “fourth branch of government” consisting of an alphabet soup of oppression: the IRS, the EPA, the Department of “Hell and Human Suffering” (HHS),  the Bureau of Land Management, the Department of Education, the FCC, OSHA, Homeland Security, and dozens of unelected threads of tyranny woven into a sticky web of aggression against our hunting, farming, fishing, logging and energy industries by way of over-taxation and over-regulation with the intention of bullying and frightening the citizenry into submission “for the good of the state”.

Democrat/socialists and their disciples in the media make it their mission to list Obama’s “successes”. Number 1 success on his hit parade: He’s done more to cause Americans to hate and fear their own government than any other president in history, and that’s saying something.

The stories of nations that fell under the thumb of power-crazed despots are as old as history itself, but they always begin the same way. Many Americans still refuse to believe what’s happening to them, their culture and their country. After all, our parents fought and died to rid the world of such governments, didn’t they? Surely, those who have been blessed with the trust of the American people would respect that, right?

Wrong. Oppression follows aggression like night follows day. We’ve reached the point in the story of America where we can either believe what we’re looking at with our own eyes and speak the truth, or continue to accommodate the lie.

This administration and its toadies in the media never tire of promoting the lie that we’re not an exceptional nation. But we are. We were created to be exceptional through people who were inspired by God to come here. How unbelievably blessed we became, and in being so blessed, we were then able to bless the world.

But the more our morals decline, the more our blessings disappear. (Coincidence?)  For some strange and unknowable reason, our education system, our public schools and everything happening within them has declined to hell-hole status since it became a crime to begin the day with a prayer within the walls of American academia. (What were the odds of that happening?) When something bad happens, people demand to know “where was God”!  Well, He was exactly where you put Him – OUT of everything. Next question?

Freedom is God’s gift to mankind. The Democrat/socialist “religion” requires forcing American citizens into secular slavery - an evil ideology that not only seeks to eliminate God from everything on earth in an attempt to destroy the hearts and minds of the family, but that also lays claim to human “sustainability” through population control, “smart growth”, and the fraudulent notion that man is capable of “saving” or “destroying” a planet.

How difficult is it to stand for what’s right? Is that a hard thing? Apparently, it depends on what your definition of truth is.  

God’s Word is truth. Abortion is based on a lie. “Mother Earth” is NOT God, and that’s the truth. To pretend that plants and animals are more valuable to God than man is a lie. That we are made in God’s image is truth. That we’re descendants of monkeys and tadpoles is a lie.  Marriage between one man and one woman is truth. Any other man-made convoluted definition of the sacrament of “marriage” is a lie.

The emergence of a new cultural Nazism doesn’t come from Heaven, either. Truth is not relative to the age we live in.  God’s Word in the beginning is the same truth today.  Just can’t make up your mind?  Revelation 3:16 is pretty clear. If it’s not clear enough for you, try Matthew 10:32-33.

How much longer will we be able to have these conversations before we’re completely shut down? Will new regulations and enforcements on thought control, behavior and compliance produce the appearance of an agent of the government at your door in the middle of the night, asking questions? Under the current climate, is that really a stretch? Is it unthinkable that a government that’s right now defining your religious and political beliefs as bigoted, racist and hateful would take the next step to shut you up by declaring you an enemy of the state?

When Hitler used the Jews to explain Germany’s problems, it took a long time and a lot of propaganda to put the Germans to sleep. They went along with the boycott of Jewish businesses, the burning of their synagogues, and the “final solution” for their annihilation. They accepted the violation of their own religious beliefs. They relinquished their authority as parents to the state through the indoctrination of their own children. By the time the Nazi regime had outlawed all private ownership of guns, the people had become so frightened of their own government, that dissent wasn’t even an option. They chose to howl with the wolves instead.

In 2008, when former Republican Governor Bill Weld (who couldn’t bring himself to endorse the head RINO running for president), proudly endorsed Barack Obama, we got a peek into the stinky, smoke-filled back room of Republican Party politics and its apparatchiks. It was now becoming harder to differentiate between the two parties because the leaders of our party had suddenly made their own decision to howl with the wolves. That’s when we knew the party was over. Everything Reagan had accomplished in building a political machine to become a genuine opposition to an ideological enemy was evaporating before our eyes.

The recent GOP Convention debacle (no, I’m not giving this up!) was the result of a new political strategy that could only be achieved after the culmination of years of compromise and surrender by an establishment class of cowards (and their newly trained minions). Even a string of losses wouldn’t get them to change course. 

We’re now starring in our own worst nightmare. The federal Leviathan has reared its ugly head and is devouring the American people through the systematic destruction of our God-given rights to life, liberty, private property, guns, free speech, freedom of association, etc.  

When the policy of a major political party is to give up ground at each and every election cycle by promoting the rule that the only candidates to be supported are those won’t make waves, who are willing to suppress their own religious beliefs, who will profess to be “lukewarm” on the social issues, and who will not deviate from the Democrats’ blueprint for the road to tyranny, you end up with… well, tyranny!  

Is there a pot of gold at the end of their rotten rainbow? Well, yes. For some, there is. I sure hope for their sake, it’s all worth it, because the clock is ticking, and we’re all running out of time.




Apr 15, 2014

Scott Lively Steels the Show at LGBTQ Forum in Boston (Charlie Baker Wimps Out of Opportunity to Discuss Ideas)

Candidates for governor (left to right: Biotech executive Joe Avellone (D); former Medicare and Medicaid administrator. Don Berwich (D); Attorney General Martha Coakley (D); Eran Falchuck (I);  Steve Grossman (D); Juliette Kayyem (D); Scott Lively (I); and Jeff McCormick (I)(Photo Courtesy of Mass Resistance)

Republicans stay home from LGBTQ forum

A forum on “LGBTQ” issues was held at the Boston Public Library on March 25, 2014. All the declared candidates for governor, except the nominee of the MA GOP, Charlie Baker, attended.
Charlie Baker (R) no show for LGBT forum (photo from

The absence of representation from the MA GOP is noteworthy and truly disappointing, but not surprising, considering the heat that Charlie Baker took from conservatives the last time he ran for Governor and participated in Boston’s Gay Pride Parade.
Embattled Gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher (R) is no show for GLBTQ Form

Mark Fisher, to be fair, is presently involved in a legal battle to have his name put on the ballot after failing to obtain the required 15% of delegate votes needed at the recent MA GOP State Convention, due to alleged vote tampering. 
Audience at LGBTQ Forum just before debate started (courtesy of

Scott Lively declares biblical world view in hostile environment

As you can see from the full video at the end of this post, Scott Lively, in admirable fashion, refused to hide from the fact he believed in a Biblical world view, despite the constant sounds of loud coughing, trademark childish mocking and unquestionable bigotry and intolerance displayed by the largely, hostile audience.

The evangelical pastor, who told the audience he grew up as a "street kid", refused to dilute his beliefs, while intelligently and steadfastly stating his opinions from a medical, sociological, and biblical standpoint. After the debate Reverend Lively surmised his straight forward opinions were  probably quite shocking to those in the community, not use to hearing honest dialogue from local politicians on LGBTQ issues.
Pro family activist, Rev Scott Lively (Courtesy Mass Resistance)

A clinic for the pro-family movement

In fact, it has been observed by other conservatives in attendance, that he presented a clinic for the pro-life family movement around the country on how to address LGBTQ militant activists, who were use to hearing politicians pandering shamefully to them.

"A barrage of vitriolic boos and disrespectful giggling"

I think Mr Lively opened the debate, not only shocking the audience, but the politicians on the platform as well. when he said:. 

"I'm in this race to advance a biblical world view. I'm probably the only candidate in this lineup who does not agree with the LGBT agenda, but I hope to show that we can have a civil disagreement", emphasizing the word civil, which gave way to a barrage of vitriolic boos and sounds of disrespectful giggling from members of the LGBT community present in the audience. 

Much to my surprise, as someone who is not familiar with the LGBT activist community, this disturbing reaction was not greeted with a single reply or warning from the moderator, which I found appalling.
Jeff McCormick (I) (photo from

Straight Talk vs Slobbering Wet Kisses

In fact the next candidate, venture capitalist Jeff McCormick wasted no time in informing the audience that he was from the far left... (really? don't say!)

 He then continued his obvious efforts to portray his audience as victims of a bigoted and ignorant society. (I guess that means all of us, who believe the Bible)

 Later on he appeared exasperated after listening to Mr Lively's opinions, which he implied he disagreed with vehemently by mentioning that he felt he deserved a martini following the event.
Juliette Kayyem (D), (

Democrat tells audience: "you're on the right side of history"

The martini motif, which was meant to be funny,  occurred more than once, and was used by the pro-homosexual, anti-traditional family politicians like Juliette Kayyem, who revealed herself to be of Lebanese descent married to a Jewish man, (I assume to show she doesn't discriminate against people) and went out of her way to pick up on the  reference, a couple of times, while repeating other worn out cliches, like when she emphatically stated: "You're on the right side of history". Throughout the forum Kayyem consistently passed on friendly, self assuring gestures of approval to the homosexual activists she obviously wanted to please. 
Gubernatorial candidate Evan Falchuk (I) joins in with support for LGBT agenda

LBTGQs gather at Boston Public Library for forum(photo from

MA AG and Treasurer committed to advancing LGBTQ agenda


I believe that the pro-family website Mass Resistance described this phenomenon correctly when they wrote in an article covering this event:

All seven of the other candidates for Governor -- both Democrats and Independents, including the current state Attorney General, Martha Coakley, and Treasurer, Steve Grossman ,  -- enthusiastically voiced their support for the homosexual and transgender agendas and their willingness to advance them in the state if elected.

For most people it's particularly frightening to see the extent that many politicians are willing to bow to the radical homosexual and transgender movement seemingly without any second thoughts. Few pro-family people realize that.

And as a novice to this type of event I must admit I was indeed shocked not so much by Mr Lively's obvious candor, which I agreed with, being a Christian who studies the Bible regularly,  but by the lengths that the other politicians went to pander to the LGBT community, as Mr McCormick did when he sent a metaphoric, slobbering wet-kiss out to the audience following Mr Lively's opening remarks, who was sitting right next to him, saying:.

"I want them (speaking of his three children) to grow up without discrimination. I want them to grow up with equal access. (liberal code word) We have been a leader in the country and in the world (speaking of Massachusetts, as if we were the enlightened chosen few).We need to continue to do that , but we have to recognize that we have a lot of work to do."

"Talk the walk...and walk the talk"

"Equal access is very important...uh...people mentioned our youth population, especially the homeless youth, our aging population. Let's not forget the demographics...uh...these are all serious...issues and we need a governor who is going to talk the walk and ...walk the walk...everyday of our lives...and I think we're going to get there"

At that point the audience broke into a rousing chorus of applause and so the debate continued in similar fashion.

Strong doses of biblical wisdom, common sense, and tough love

From that point on, one of the seven anti-family panelists would send a shameless, slobbering, wet kiss to the community amid applause, until Mr Lively would break the string of praise and victimization propaganda, with a dose of reality, common sense, and tough love,  as you will see when you watch the video, like when he said:

“As Governor, I would ban LGBT propaganda to children (giggles in background). I advocated this law in Russia. They adopted it. It was successful for their society. There is no objective proof that homosexuality is innate and unchangeable despite decades of efforts, which means this is an acquired condition. We must assume  that it is true and if that assumption is true, it is extraordinarily irresponsible to be treating our children as guinea pigs in a massive social experiment (loud coughing). They should be protected from the promotion of homosexuality as good normal (undecipherable) choice for themselves( high squealing sounds and uncontrollable hysterical laughter)”

“Discrimination that is based on race, ethnicity, or nationality is completely irrational because those things are morally neutral. Sexual conduct is not morally neutral. It has serious public health, sociological moral implications and it is perfectly rational and reasonable to exercise discrimination on those grounds. So all the arguments attempting to compare race with homosexuality and transgenderism are just simply comparing apples and oranges.”

“I think transgenderism is clearly… self-evident… dysfunctional and is simply insanity for our society to be embracing it as a normal variant of sexuality. We should be helping people to overcome this, not encouraging them to persist in the delusion.”

“If an adult decides they want to self-identify as homosexual, bi-sexual, or transgender that’s their choice, but we shouldn’t push that onto kids. We should assume that they have the ability to overcome that problem. I was a street kid myself and I knew a lot of people who were struck with this. Most did not want to have a homosexual orientation and if they had had a chance to have had counselling for that, they would have taken that.”

“Regarding bullying…I don’t think we should be advocating bullying policies to force kids to be pro-gay when we can solve the problem by simply teaching them to be respectful of each other despite their differences. “

The Apostle Paul weighs in

In the closing section of the debate he politely thanked the organizers of the forum for inviting him to participate and he then quoted the Apostle Paul directly from I Corinthians 6: 9 -11 in the Bible, who under inspiration of the Holy Spirit wrote:

Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, …will inherit the kingdom of God. Such were some of you, but you were washed, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.

And then he said “I care enough about you to tell you the truth” and he pointed out that the passage he just read proves that there were former gays in the early church, to which a female member of the audience, unable to restrain herself, yelled: “Separation of Church and State”, as if a candidate for political office in this country needed permission to quote scripture, when running for office.
Mass Equality and WGBH Sponsored the LGBTQ forum

To that the moderator replied: Thank you for reminding us of that, revealing the obvious bias of the organizers of the forum, both the homosexual lobby group Mass Equity and the left wing, ultra liberal, public television station WGBH, which made no effort to curb the immature mocking and uncivil behavior of the audience when it occurred, confirming an observation at the mass resistance web site on this event that LGBT activists quite often act like 10 year olds when confronted with opinions they don't agree with..

Audience quiets down momentarily

After listening to Lively’s bold and non-stop barrage of Biblical truth the audience now seemed resolved to listen in subdued silence, and perhaps shock, contemplating ideas and precepts they may not have heard before.

It may be that his obvious forth rightness and honesty in the face of such a hostile environment, was having a calming effect and it seems that some of the candidates now realized they had to counteract Mr Lively’s use of the Bible to support his contention that the transgender lifestyle was in disobedience to God’s will.

Joe Avellone (D) (
Candidate Joe Avellone who went as far as to refer to perverted sexual orientation as a civil right, stated that “ we have to change attitudes, prejudices, old beliefs, even old religious beliefs.

In an earlier round candidate Juliette Kayhem (D) said that those who supported transgender rights were on “the right side of history”.

So if that’s true, Juliette and Joe...then I guess the Holy Spirit, the third person of the trinity was on the wrong side of history when He inspired the Apostle Paul to write the passage of scripture from First Corinthians that Mr Lively quoted, as well as the following passage from Romans which says: 

For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections for even their women did change the natural use unto that which is against nature:

And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another, men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet:

And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient. (Romans 2: 26-28, The Holy Bible, Referenced Giant Print, King James Version) 


More wet kisses and slobbering in support of LGBTQ community

Mr McCormick said: “I got married a hundred yards from here in a Christian Church by two priests…They happened to be gay. They were very, very close, long-time friends of mine. And I think my marriage is still official (audience laughs)
Don Berwick (D) (photo from Wikipedia)

Don Berwick finished by speaking of “moral tests” and his speech was sprinkled with liberal code words and phrases such as equality; equal access; bullying; and social justice, instead of using more traditional phrases I grew up hearing such as: “ treating human beings properly; love thy neighbor as thyself; or treating people who are created in the image of God with the respect they deserve.
Treasurer Steve Grossman (D) (photo from

Equal time for the Old Testament

The forum closed with the two candidates that the moderator obviously considered to be the big guns that would save the day from the damage Rev Lively had obviously done towards making a case for advancing the LGBTQ agenda: Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Grossman, and Attorney General Martha Coakley.

Secretary Grossman began by saying:

“Giving another part of the bible equal time (sounds of laughter and someone shouting “Amen”), I’m going to quote the book of Deuteronomy where it says in Deuteronomy   16:20, justice, justice, justice, thou shalt pursue…”

“When we pursue justice…when we have a commonwealth that is at it’s best…doing it’s best…doing it’s best to leave no one behind…extraordinary things can happen”, which I imagine was intended to initiate a strong, stirring, closing statement.
The problem was…the Secretary didn’t quote Deuteronomy 16:20. In fact I’m not even sure he quoted the Bible, but lets not quibble over the facts.

As far as he was concerned, you could tell he thought he was on a roll and that nothing could stop him now, so he continued by delivering one of the biggest, slobbering, wet kisses of the entire evening when he said:

“We are creating an amazing commonwealth every single day. Not you…We …and we’re creating the commonwealth because of marriage equality…because of openness…because of the willingness to confront new, bold, imaginative ideas. We’ve been a laboratory for experimentation and innovation for 400 years.”

400 years? I’m sorry Mr Secretary, but have you been talking to Sheila Jackson Lee again?

By my count it has only been 236 years, but who’s counting.

And if you must give equal time, as you say to the Old Testament, why not quote something that actually pertains to the discussion at hand like Leviticus 18: 22 which says:

Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with woman kind: it is an abomination.

And here is another verse to ponder from the Old Testament:

“Defile not ye yourselves in any of these things (homosexuality, incestuous relationships, bestiality); for in all these the nations are defiled which I cast out before you And the land is defiled…(Leviticus 18: 24-25)

You notice how God didn’t refer to any land that allows these practices to exist as  “ an amazing commonwealth”. No God calls the land as well as it’s inhabitants "defiled".


Attorney General Martha Coakley (D) (photo from

The old separation of church and state arguments 

And the forum ended with  Attorney General Coakley sounding particularly vague, while  referring to “a Separation of Church and State" case involving the Catholic church and a Gay couple, which wasn’t too surprising, considering how frequently the LGBTQ community uses the so called constitutional principle of "the Separation of Church and State” when  facing people who know and understand the Bible.

The only problem is the actual words “separation of church and state” are nowhere to be found in the US Constitution. Oh well….picky…picky.

All and all, “a good time was had by all” and  Mr Lively was particularly gracious at the end of the forum when the media swarmed around him to get his take on the proceedings to both the organizers of the forum and the audience. 
Unfortunately for the other members of the panel if they were to be judged on original thinking and "profiles in courage" none of them would have scored very high, in my opinion, as the term "mind numbed robots" kept occurring to me as I watched this video,  and the members of the media present apparently agreed with my analysis.

At the conclusion of the debate, the members of the "anti-family" media made it quite clear they had had enough of the panel's endless pandering and slobbering and were more curious about what else  Mr Lively had to say, by gathering around Mr Lively and peppering him with more questions. , _______________________________________________________________


Apr 11, 2014

UPdate from Mass Resistance on Justina Pelletier Case

The bill to free Justina Pelletier from the Massachusetts state custody back to her parents, HD 4212, written by MassResistance and filed on April 4, is making waves in the State House! It's been quite a week. Your calls and emails to the Massachusetts State House are definitely having an effect, many in that building have told us. And not just the calls from Massachusetts. Lots of outrage has come from places like Florida, California, and Indiana.

On the other hand, we've been shocked by the hostility toward this bill from many House Republicans. The Mass Resistance office got a call from Lou Pelletier, Justina's father. He thanked us for writing the bill and told us how grateful he was that we were fighting for him. He was calling from the Washington, DC offices of US Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) who is filing national legislation to deal with this problem across the country. Congressman Stockman -- who was our banquet speaker in 2011 -- also thanked us. This bill is on conservative websites everywhere.

(For More detailed  info Go to: Mass Resistance and Vote Core Values
MA State House (courtesy MA Resistance)

Bill to Free Justina Pelletier HD 1412

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts 
_______________ In the Year Two Thousand Fourteen _______________ 
An Act regarding the custody of Justina Pelletier. 
 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows: 

An Act regarding the custody of Justina Pelletier. 1

WHEREAS, Lou and Linda Pelletier are the parents of Justina Pelletier and have 2 provided a loving home for their children, all three being residents of the State of Connecticut; 3 and; 4
WHEREAS Mr. & Mrs. Pelletier have in good faith and at the direction of the 5 Chief of Metabolism at Tufts Medical Center spent several years treating their daughter for 6 Mitochondrial disease and; 7
 WHEREAS, for the last twelve months Justina Pelletier has been in the custody of the 8 Department of Children and Families against the will of her parents, and her medical condition 9 has deteriorated, and; 10
 WHEREAS, the Department of Children and Families has a stated goal of strengthening 11 the link between families, and government removing children from their parents should occur 12 only in extreme cases where malicious intent, neglect, or the blatant inability to care for the child 13 is present, and; 14
 WHEREAS, there has been no finding of malicious intent or blatant inability of the 15 Pelletiers to care for their daughter Justina, and; 16
 WHEREAS, there are serious concerns about the removal of Justina Pelletier from the 17 custody of her family and concerns over the process that led to the breaking up of this family, 18 and concerns over her deteriorating health; THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: 19
 The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the  Department of Children and Families 20 shall immediately release Justina Pelletier from their custody to the sole custody of her parents.

Apr 10, 2014

The Six Contradictions of Socialism in the United States of America

The six contradictions of socialism in the United States of America:

1.  America is capitalist and greedy - yet half of the population is subsidized.
2.  Half of the population is subsidized - yet they think they are victims.
3.  They think they are victims - yet their representatives run the government.
4.  Their representatives run the government - yet the poor keep getting poorer.
5.  The poor keep getting poorer - yet they have things that people in other countries only dream about.
6.  They have things that people in other countries only dream about - yet they want America to be more like those other countries.
Think about it! And that, my friends, pretty much sums up the USA in the 21st Century….

Apr 8, 2014

Opt Out forum on Education Takes place in New Bedford, MA April, 9, 2014

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Let Justina Speak: How Can YOU Help SAVE Justina Pelletier

Justina Pelletier before and after the MA DCF stripped her from her parents custody without charging them with any wrong-doing.

A girl has been kidnapped first by Childrens Hospital in Boston, MA, the Department of Children and Families (DCF), and then by the Massachusetts Juvenile Court System, which, instead of returning her to the custody of her family, turned her over to the State of Connecticutt.

Meanwhile there are some of us, who feel it’s time to let Justina Speak. My friends at Vote Core Values have compiled the following list of radio talk show hosts and other  power players to call. Think how you would feel if this happened to your family, which is severely restricted on visitation privileges and can’t even ensure that the girl receives spiritual counseling as her health declines severely.

To get caught up on this heartbreaking case go to the Vote Core Values website at Also read my recent post: The Case of Justina Pelletier

LET JUSTINA SPEAK: How Can YOU Help SAVE Justina Pelletier

April 8, 2014 Lonnie JUSTINA PELLETIER

Let’s face it, you need to put pressure on the government.
What are YOU doing each day of her captivity?
6 a.m. – 10 a.m.
Jeff Kuhner – WRKO Talk Host and Patriot
12 – 3 p.m.
Michael Graham Talk Show Host
3- 7 p.m.
Howie Carr – Boston’s Talk Legend
“CHUMPLINE”:  617-779-3469 Recorded voicemail of the Howie Carr Show (one short witty sentence please)
FAX:  617-779-346