Aug 29, 2014

Charlie Baker's disatrous 30 second pause in Boston Globe debate

What do you think of this incredible 30 second pause during a recent televised interview hosted by the Boston Globe in which MA GOP gubernatorial candidate and favorite son of the GOP establishment,  could not think of a single politician to which he could refer to as a roll model?.

Personally I think he could, but he didn’t dare to say who he was. Considering how often he boasts of being a governor that will please Democrats as well as Republicans, it is not hard to speculate that he was probably thinking about his sugar daddy former Governor William Weld, who voted for Barack Obama in the last election.

But if it had to be a current politician I can't help wonder if deep down inside he admires  Barack Obama more than anyone, or maybe even Minnie me, Governor Deval Patrick, as WRKO's Jeff Kuhner would say..

And considering he has refused to support the MA GOP platform, which came out in opposition to abortion and in favor of traditional family values, the second amendment and enforcement of immigration laws, I’m not surprised it took an eternity to finally blurt out the name of another Republican who has been a thorn in the side to conservatives....Florida Governor, Jeb Bush.
Considering Jeb Bush is a fervent supporter of the "Common Core" debacle as well as amnesty for illegal immigrants, it makes sense that Baker would select him though it took an eternity to decide, as though he were calculating all the pros and cons of such a response the way professional politicians always do.
Mark Fisher on the other hand showed once again that he knows who he is and what he believes by selecting for his role model, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker who has successfully steered his state to fiscal sanity while fighting off union bullies and the forces of darkness nationwide, the way Fisher has been fighting the forces of darkness right here in Massachusetts beginning with the diabolical and criminally fraudulent MA GOP State Convention. ..
The look on Mark Fishers face as Charlie struggles with "brain fade" is priceless.

Please watch the video again and when you do, notice that just before Charlie finally answers, you can hear a rooster crowing in the background. I'm not kidding. You couldn't write something like this.(LOL)

Aug 20, 2014

Fisher supporter steals the show on WGBH panel discussion

(updated 8/21,2014 at 9:38 AM)
MA GOP State Commiteeman and President of MARA 9th Tim Sullivan
The video posted at the end of this article is offered as evidence that the candidacy of Mark Fisher for Governor is creating excitement among conservative political activists as we approach the up and coming Massachusetts Republican Primary on September 9, 2014.

Timothy Sullivan, a Fisher supporter and President of the 9th Chapter of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly, which has endorsed Fisher over Charlie Baker refused to concede that the election was all over but the vote counting, as the moderator of the "Focus" panel discussion was suggesting rather emphatically. 
MARA endorsed gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher will oppose GOP fair haired boy Charlie Baker on September 9, 2014 in MA GOP Primary

Mr Sullivan even injected the idea that Fisher's habit of doning work clothes and boots at his metallurgical business between appearances on the campaign trail was also scoring points with Democrats, who have been brainwashed into believing that Republicans were incapable of relating to the common man, which is a myth that has been propogated by the media and democrats for many years now.

Well here’s a news flash for you. Some of us, who vote Republican, do so based on principles and beliefs, not social status, or name regognition, or even if we think a candidate has a chance to win in this liberal and morally depraved hell hole of Massachusetts, which by the way Tim Sullivan believes Fisher does.

We believe in God and love this country as it was founded, and will only support political candidates who are willing to defend both the US Constitution and strong pro life and pro family beliefs publicly, whether it leads to victory at the polls or not.

Sure we might vote for a Republican who falls short of our standards in the general election, as Tim admitted he would, but it makes us feel frustrated when the only choice on the Republican ballot is, to quote the GOP State Committeeman, "a go along to get along politician". 
But there seems to be a different wind blowing nationally this time, as the video pointed out, but it is not just conservatives who are fed up with politics as usual and Sullivan sensed that throughout the discussion, and I believe turned the debate on it's head when he reminded them that most people in Massachusetts do not vote and there is a much larger reservoir of voters to tap into for a candidate who can appeal to average people who have a natural disdain for smooth talking politicians who they don't trust and can't relate to.

Tim, further seized the moment, by declaring that when he attends events like the Rochester Fair last weekend, Fisher is appealing to Democrats, as stated above, not just conservative Republicans, Tea party members, and liberty caucus people (those loyal to Ron Paul and Rand Paul), when they hear his position against illegal immigration, anti-family state run agencies like the DCF, and taxation policies that prohibit economic growth and kill jobs.

From watching the video you can see that Tim Sullivan sincerely believes we have a real bonafide conservative on the ballot this time and it would be a shame to waste the opportunity by voting for someone like Charlie Baker, who is all over the board on the issues, simply because he believes this is what the Democrats want to hear

Apparently he and his MA GOP establishment supporters have forgotten that Ronald Reagan didn’t feel a need to compromise his conservative principles and won big time in Massachusetts. Scott Brown won the first time he ran for the Senate and he ran against Obama Care and the Obama administrations liberal ideas.

So with little fanfare, this down to earth working class family man, who teaches auto mechanics for a living, and raises chickens on the side in Westport, MA, entered the lions den of liberal Massachusetts politics and unabashedly supported the man that all the elite, so called  political experts say has no chance of winning, and in my honest opinion made a strong argument that many on the left in both the Democrat and Republican parties, may have found surprising and weren't expecting.

Certainly the moderator of the show didn't  when she unsuccessfully tried to convince Tim that there wasn't enough support out there for Fisher to defeat Charlie Baker in September.

To say she failed to change his mind, is an understatement.

Aug 17, 2014

Mark Fisher Impresses in MA Gubernatorial Debate

This debate took place Wednesday and clearly shows that Mark Fisher has developed into an extremely viable candidate despite efforts by the MA GOP to destroy his campaign before he even left the gate. He has overcome that and clearly has Charlie Baker against the ropes. In my opinion Baker came across as sluggish, and willing to use government to solve problems while Fisher was energetic, feisty and alert, opting for the Free Market to solve problems as in the Market Basket fiasco. Baker also came across as elitist and class conscious, using terms like "regular people" and "normal people". What does that mean Charlie? Aren't we all just ....people? Or do Republican blue bloods like you and your mentor Bill Weld reside in a higher more preferable class? I now understand what people mean when they say Charlie would be comfortable as a Democrat on the issues, except he would have to leave the GOP Country Club set and his high class social status to do so, which does not appeal to him.

Jul 29, 2014

Anti Illegal Immigration Rally on Aug 9, 2014 in Bourne, MA


SATURDAY, AUGUST 9, 2014 (The President’s Arrival Date at Otis)






Jul 27, 2014

Anti-illegal immigration rally in Boston shows rebellion picking up steam

People in Massachusetts are fed up with the Obama administrations open door policy for illegal immigrants crossing our southern border and being flown to Massachusetts and housed on military bases and government facilities. Yesterday thousands showed up at the MA State House to show their disapproval openly. They weren't rowdy, just "mad as hell" as WRKO radio host Jeff Kuhner, who organized the event, described it. Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Fisher kicked off the event with a stirring speech. His oppointment in the September Republican Primary, Charlie Baker was a no show, as was expected. The video is basically raw and unedited but it captures the spirit of the event. Keep in mind that these protests that are now poping up all over the country are not about hate and cruelty as the liberal mainstream media is trying to make us believe, but it is about love. Love for country. It's a despicable plan to tilt the scales in favor of the Democrat party and forever destroy the two party electoral system and must be stopped now. We are a soverign nation and have a right to control our borders.

Jul 23, 2014

Do you remember when the US president was the leader of the free world?

For as long as I can remember the person who occupied the position of President of the United States was someone who was recognized by nations all over the world, as the leader of the free world, not just the leader of the United States of America.

Our present president, Barrack Hussein Obama, has certainly been working diligently to change that image.

And if you are a member of the growing segment of the US population, who thinks the decline of US leadership in the world is in fact a good thing, I ask you to consider this:

If the leader of the free world no longer exists, how much longer do you think the free world itself will be able to survive? And who is going to fill the gap, when the United States is gone, or is no longer a factor on the world scene..

I grew up in the 1950’s in the backdrop of the Cold War, when every international conflict brought the Soviet Union and the United States to the brink of nuclear war.

I remember strong US presidents who understood the extent of the military power they had at their disposal during the Cold War, like President Eisenhower, and how we trusted them to make the right decision in national security matters.

And I remember hearing Soviet premier Nikita Krushev confidently declare to all Americans at that time that their grandchildren would live under communism.

Because of the leadership of strong US presidents since that time until the fall of the Soviet Union while Ronald Reagan was president, Krushev’s threat never came to fruition, but the image of him, barbarically, pounding his shoe on his desk at the United Nations has stayed with me all these years.

Previous presidents, who recognized their role as leaders of the free world knew who the bad guys were`.

For example, Israel was always one of the good guys and HAMAS, which was founded by those same Nazis that killed 6 million jews  in Europe during World War II and will not sleep until every Jew has vanished from the face of the earth, was one of the bad guys, but not anymore.

I remember JFK standing up to this same Nikita Krushev and Fidel Castro in the Cuban missile crisis and watching Krushev blink when forced to the brink of annihilation.

There was no whining, or na├»ve lectures given on civility by the Secretary of State, as John Kerry is prone to do, and who actually looks incredulous, when aggressive, lying, murderous thugs, like Vladimir Putin and Bashar al Assad reveal their true colors. 

When the Soviet Union or one of its satellite nations crossed the line back then, or a regional conflict broke out in the middle east, the nation's military readiness went to a higher level of alert immediately, no questions asked, as our enemies knew it would.

And when a US ambassador in a foreign land cried out for help, the President did everything in his considerable power to get him and his staff out of there immediately. Secret rescue missions happened all the time, usually with little publicity. And collisions between US Navy ships and Soviet nuclear submarines happened more times than you might think.

Back then a red line in the sand was truly a red line in the sand, and there were consequences to pay when it was crossed.

It had to be that way, if the credibility of our Commander in Chief was to stay intact, as leader of the free world.

Furthermore, it was well understood by mature adults, no matter what their age, that only the ability to wage war with overwhelming force at any given moment was the only effective deterrent to war and the only language demagogues set upon world domination understood.

When the same JFK appeared in West Berlin, it was clear the leader of the Western World had arrived to take a stand against communist aggression by identifying with the citizens on both sides of the wall and boldly declaring: “Ich bin ein Berliner”.

Why don’t we hear President Obama saying something similar, demonstrating solidarity with the freedom loving people of Israel, or Iraq where multitudes of Christians are being beheaded by ISIS after Obama refused to launch the drone attacks requested by the Iraqi government; or the Ukraine, as the Soviet bear wakes up next store from a long cold winter, and not only threatens his neighbors, but shoots down passenger jets filled with innocent civilians.

And I won’t even get into what President Ronald Wilson Reagan told Mikail Gorbachev what he could do with his wall, nor what he said when the same communists shot down a Korean passenger airliner traveling from New York to Seoul, killing 269 people.

I’ll tell you what he didn’t do though. He didn’t shrug his shoulders and prance off to a fundraiser, cracking jokes, and eating cheeseburgers.

And he also didn’t beat around the bush, while more airliners dropped from the sky, courtesy of sophisticated Russian missiles, directed by highly trained Russian missile technicians, masquerading as Russian separatists.

He put the blame squarley where it belonged, without hesitation, on the shoulders of his Russian counterpart.

This was a deadly serious moment and the US president didn’t back down because he knew that he was more than the President of the United States. He was the leader of the free world. He didn’t have to wait for a bogus UN investigation.

And every freedom loving person in the world understood this, and depended on him to act accordingly.