Nov 14, 2014

The Architect of ObamaCare Confesses They Lied and Thinks We're Stupid

The architect of ObamaCare, MIT Economics Professor Jonathan Gruber, brags about deceiving the American people, who he thinks are stupid.

The bill passed without a single Republican vote. The Democrat leadership even changed the rules so the Republicans couldn't filibuster after Scot Brown won back the Kennedy seat for the GOP. All they needed were 51 votes which is criminal, when you consider that the bill put 1/6 of the economy into the governments hands, would eventually destroy the greatest healthcare system in the world, and did nothing to make health care more affordable. It is more expensive than ever now, and most of those that didn't have it before, still don't have

And actually Professor, the only people that didn't understand that ObamaCare was a giant con job from the very beginning were the Democrats and their supporters. So...who are the stupid ones again?

Even the media elites at the Washington Post, New York Times, NBC, ABC,  CBS, PBS, and CNN fell for it, and thus the low information voters were duped bigtime. Now the media is upset because they were lied too.'s a newsflash for you. Democrats lie about most everything. If the American people new the truth about their agendas, their legislative bills would never pass. It's necessary in their minds. Liberalism has been a dismal failure everywhere it has been tried whether it be the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, or the Eastern Block countries, who are now embracing capitalism and freedom with a vengeance, while Europe and the United States head in the opposite direction towards economic collapse and Big Government totalitarianism..

Here is another video of this liberal elitist professor, who has never had a real job in the private sector where real people with real families are fired because of prohibitive regulations that increase a company's expenses

Who are the  stupid ones again? They are so stupid that last week they fired the Democrats in mass all across the land and let Obama and his elitist advisors and consultants like this guy, know through their voting decisions that they are ordering them to cease and desist from implementing their radical socialistic policies. They want them stopped. They don't want Republicans to work with Democrats for one second. They want them to repair the damage done to the country in the last six years and they want him prevented from causing any further damage. It's questionable however that the Republican leadership, namely Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel has gotten the message.

Nov 8, 2014

Remembering The Coach

Vice Admiral Gerald E Miller, US Navy,  former Commander US Sixth Fleet 1971-1973 passed away this week at the age of 95 years old


Back in the 1950’s, Reader’s Digest published a series of articles entitled “The Most Unforgettable Character I ever met”. For me that person was Vice Admiral Gerald E Miller, the Commanding Officer of the United States Sixth Fleet from 1971-1973. The article that I posted at my personal blog The Jazz Patriot was written the way it could have been if it had appeared in that venerable publication about one of the greatest friends the Navy Music Program ever had during my career as a US Navy Musician. He loved MUs and made them his top priority at the US Sixth Fleet believe it or not, at least it seemed that way to us..
I was surprised to learn this week that the Admiral, who many believed was in line to become the next Chief of Naval Operations at the time,   suspected he might be  killing his own career when he began criticizing CNO Admiral Zumwalt’s Z-grams because he didn’t like the effect they were having on appearances and discipline of sailors in the early 1970s, according to interviews he gave in the years following his retirement from active duty. 

In an informative email he sent me recently, which is included at the end of this post, he  said: “One of the few regrets about never being the Chief of Naval Operations was the fact that it deprived me of an opportunity to do something special for Navy Music”

If only there were more Senior Officers like him today that realized how valuable the “power of music” could be if they added it to their arsenal of weapons as “The Coach” did. Perhaps there wouldn’t be as many bands disappearing at the hands of the budget cutters.
MUSA Tom Wholley, Feb 1972,  playing BS Drum with Sixth Band in Ethiopia (two months after meeting Admiral Miller)

“Oh Hi”, the handsome US Navy Admiral with the pleasant demeanor  said, as I timidly entered his cabin.” Have a seat”,  pointing to the chair by his desk, which I did as I looked at a half filled glass of soda, probably left over from his lunch,  I surmised.

It was 1:00 PM December 19, 1971, and I  had actually met Vice Admiral Gerald E Miller, the Commander of the United States Navy's Sixth Fleet, briefly the evening before at a Christmas concert at the old Community Center in Gaeta, Italy about a mile from fleet landing, where the Command Ship of the US Sixth Fleet, the USS Springfield was tied up at the pier.

It was the first performance of the newly inaugurated Sixth Fleet Singers, a chorus of enlisted sailors and officers from ship’s company and the Admiral’s Staff along with their wives, accompanied by the experienced professional musicians in the Sixth  Fleet Band, for which I had reported for duty, as the one and only piano player..

I had been impressed when another young Navy pianist, Bob Leketa, temporarily on loan from the Navy Band in Naples, Italy, introduced me to Admiral Miller just prior to the start of the concert. Bob, like myself, was a Seaman Apprentice, which is about as low as you can go in the Navy food chain and perhaps the last person among those who defend the United States of America on the world’s oceans  who was likely to have a casual conversation with a 3 star  Admiral, who most members of the Navy believed had a seat reserved next to God in heaven, while young ones like us believed he actually was  God.  

USS Springfield (CLG -7) Command Ship of the USS Sixth Fleet circa 1971
But that didn’t stop Bob from brazenly approaching the Admiral who was grabbing a cup of coffee at the snack bar, from saying, “  Admiral, I’d like you to meet, SA Tom Wholley, your new piano player”. The Admiral quickly lit up with a smile and extended his hand, welcoming me aboard, as if he had been anxiously waiting for this moment his whole life.   

 So anyway, here I was looking at this amazing looking man with movie star looks and unmistakable charisma, who was responsible for my quick departure from the school of music's basic course, which normally takes 6 months to complete, but in  my case took 6 weeks , as the Admiral was demanding, apparently, that the bureau send a piano player NOW to fill an unexpected vacancy. So here I was.

Immediately he began talking enthusiastically about the first performance of the Sixth Fleet Music Show which we had both witnessed the night before, and telling me how he had been dreaming of having a group like that to work with his entire career. 

 Not knowing any better I assumed that having a conversation like that with a US Navy Admiral was common place for low ranking enlisted men. It wasn’t.

In fact, I  later learned  that  this was a very unique individual, who had,  grown up in a sod home in Montana, enlisted in the Navy at the age of 17, graduated early from the US Naval Academy at the outset of World War II in 1941, flew the type of aircraft that could carry the Atomic Bomb, among others,  became an expert in nuclear warfare systems, and commanded 2 aircraft carriers, introduced mainframe computers to the  Bureau of Personnel,commanded the Second and Sixth Fleets, and later, after retiring,  participated in nuclear disarmament talks in the Soviet Union and oh yah...wrote two books.

Sixth Fleet Singers Accompanied by the Sixth Fleet Band

Now he was telling me about his dreams and his own personal reasoning behind starting a Music Show that would promote the US Navy overseas. For years he had been aware that there was a lot of talent in the Navy He had seen it first hand during crew talent shows on the aircraft carriers he had commanded and now that he had  his own Navy Band he thought he could put together something really special,  especially in the Sixth Fleet area of operations, which included all of Southern Europe, North Africa, and the volatile Middle East.

Once the Sixth Fleet Singers were off the ground as it now was, thanks to a third class petty officer and trumpet player in the band, John Mattison, who had a background in music education, the Admiral was now ready to put his plans into motion by starting the Sixth Fleet Music Show, which he hoped to send all over the region at the height of the Cold War with a message of friendship, peace and good will delivered through the most powerful weapon he believed he had in his extensive arsenal of weaponry: Music.
That's right...Music. And I'm telling you, this guy really believed that. 

The Admiral who loved music and played two instruments himself, understood the power of music and how it could knock down barriers and bring people together. 

“If they want me to fire those guns”, he said,  then I will,  but if they’d rather listen to music being performed by a nice looking group of American Navy young people, we can do that too”

Sixth Fleet Music Show on the grounds of the 1972 Munich Olympics
Now as I mentioned, this conversation was taking place in the closing days of the Vietnam War where some of the members of the Sixth Fleet Staff had fought nobly, like the young commanding officer of the Helocopter detachment, LT Gordon Peterson who was awarded the Navy Cross for flying 500 missions in Vietnam, and whose wife, Diana, a music teacher from Florida, became one of the featured  vocalists in  the show.
6th Fleet Music Show  members in Athens, Greece: (L to R) Howard Denker, Steve Wolford, Maryce, Denker, Tom Wholley, Diana Peterson, Duffy Heriscina

It was also a tense time for the Navy, when ships of the US Sixth Fleet played cat and mouse games with ships of the Soviet Union on a regular basis, and submarine hunting aircraft and American nuclear submarines played a dangerous game of hide and seek with Soviet submarines armed with nuclear warheads in all the oceans of the world, including the Medeterranean Sea where the US Sixth Fleet  was deployed.
Ships of the US Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean Sea

But there was something in the way he said those words, that convinced me that this veteran of three wars really believed what he was saying and was anxious to put his plans  into action. He had his band. He had his piano player. He had his chorus. A Chief from the Sea Chanters was on the way, who would take over the Chorus. And a Master Chief, who would travel Europe finding gigs for us, would be here soon, as well Now he wanted to make sure everyone was eager to support his plans.  

So we had a meeting and he told the band that if they were willing to give it their best efforts, he would take them off watches at sea as well as refuelings for which  Navy Bands traditionally played for, something the band really appreciated. He'd also allow them to stay back in Gaeta when the Springfield went out on two week operations cruises and rehearse. So to say we had a great deal, is an understatement.
There was no question he was a master politician, oozing with charisma,  who made you feel like you were the most important person in the room. Every time we performed with the music show in countless countries including Spain, Portugal, France, Monaco, England, Germany, Belgium, Andora, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Ethiopia, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Gibraltor, Portugal and probably a couple of other countries I've forgotten about,  we would look out at the audience and see the Admiral sitting in the front row smiling like a proud parent smiles at his child’s first recital, no matter how it sounded. 
Sixth Fleet Band on TV in Casablanca, Morocco
And we understood that performing music was only part of our job. He wanted us to be "ambassadors" and "diplomats" for the US Navy as well as the United States of America. In fact a couple of years later the name of the big band was changed to the "Sixth Fleet Ambassadors" and the Rock band was named "The Diplomats".

In the next photo I am talking with a group of Arab "jazz enthusiasts" who loved American Jazz and belonged to a Sunday afternoon "jazz society" in Tunis, Tunisia.  We actually performed the great jazz tune "A Night in Tunisia" by Dizzy Gilespia one night in Tunisia. How many American jazz musicians can actually say that. With all the tensions that exist between the West and the Muslim world, it's too bad todays Military leaders do not understand how useful military bands could be in easing tensions, the way Admiral Miller did. He was way ahead of his time. 
"A Night in Tunisia"

The next photo shows a few of us surrounded by a wonderful group of  French school children following a concert the band did at a private girls school in Lille, France, in Northern France near the Belgium border. It had only been 25 years since the Allies liberated this area and they loved American service men, as we learned first hand during a marathon dance for French World War II vets and a colorful parade.
Sixth Fleet Band members: Vic Smith in foreground surrounded by young giddy children at a French Girls School in Lille, France. Other musicians left to right at the top of photo is Steve Wolford and Tom Wholley

And sometimes it was hardly a flawless performance, but that didn’t matter to the Admiral. He kept smiling anyway.
Yours truly on the grounds of the 1972 Olympics in Munich,  Germany

 He sent us to the 1972 Olympics in Munich Germany to perform just down the road from where the great concert pianist,Arthur Rubenstein was performing a recital.

And the next day we experienced what was to become one of the most memorable moments of my entire career when we performed inside the Olympic village for the athletes themselves including members of the Israeli team who would be massacred by 1970’s style jihadists, a few days later as we headed back to Italy.

And then there was the time when the mayor of Palma de Majorca was vehemently opposed to allowing  US Navy ships into his beautiful island resort off the coast of Spain for liberty, when the Admiral invited him to a performance of the Sixth Fleet Music Show, arranged on board the flagship, specifically for him.

The next day the mayor had a change of heart and agreed to allow  Ships of the Sixth fleet to visit his beautiful city, including a 5000 man aircraft carrier, filled with sailors in need of a little fun, relaxation, and great Spanish food,  following  a tense 6 month "Med" deployment. 
Senior Chief Tom Wholley Retired from the US Navy in 1997

After I left Sixth Fleet I went on to continue what would be a 26 year career as a US Navy musican in many great Navy bands worldwide and in the United States as well, working for many other Admirals.

Being a piano player I usually spent many hours performing for them at VIP receptions and dinner parties, where we became familiar with each other to a certain degree.

Most all of the Admirals I knew, enjoyed having their own bands, though none of them used them to the extent Admiral Miller did, as part of a public relations program to uplift the image of the US Navy overseas.

It was a source of pride for them. But with Admiral Miller, you had the feeling it was much more than that. It was a source of joy.  In fact I heard him tell the  band more than once during my tour in Sixth Fleet:

"If you're not having fun at whatever you are doing, then you're not doing it right"

And when we looked down from the stage and saw him looking  up at us, smiling, approvingly...or saw him hitting golf balls off the upper deck of the USS Springfield into the Mederterranean Sea, or "sitting in" on piano whenever the Sixth Fleet combo played anywhere, you could tell that he really did practice what he preached." 

One of the trumpet players in the band, Alan Gaumer, wrote an original jazz composition entitled "The Coach" which summed up the way the band felt about the Admiral. 

And a comment left on a post I left on Gerald Millers facebook page this week, which the family has decided to keep going as a tribute to him confirms that impression:

"The Admiral spoke of you all and great times aboard the Springfield. His eyes always lit up, and he spoke a little faster when recounting the tales of the Music Show, It is definetly at the top of his list for "Best Times of my 38 year Naval career"

Ours too Admiral. 

I think one of my old shipmates from the Sixth Fleet Band, lead trumpet player,  Vic Smith, made perhaps the most eloquent comment I heard this week  saying:

“When you met Admiral Miller you knew you were in the presence of greatness. He was a true renaissance man and easily the most impressive man I’ve ever met. Our country was fortunate to have him”.

Unfortunately very few other senior officers  have embraced Navy Bands the way Admiral Miller did. Right now the Navy Music Program is in disarray and is being reduced at an alarming rate due to severe budget cuts. I wrote the Admiral a few years ago when articles began appearing quoting US Congressmen who believed military bands were a luxury the Military could no longer afford and this is what his response was.

Dear Tom,

       Many thanks for sharing the word about funding military bands. I am not surprised. It has always been this way. Cut the perceived “frills” while spending billions on questionable big ticket items. The plan to spend $80 billion in the next ten years on nuclear weapons infrastructure is an example

      I am sure there will be some cuts in military music. What does the Navy do? Answer-the same as always. Rely on the crew. For example in the carrier I commanded, we had 5000 sailors. The entertainment that came from that crew was amazing. The crew entertained themselves with their own talent.

     Thanks again for thinking of me. One of my few regrets about never being the Chief of Naval Operations was the fact that it deprived me of an opportunity to do something special for Navy music.

On the recent Midway Memorial day, I was a speaker at the Naval Academy and had an opportunity to meet with members of the Naval Academy band. One Master Chief Musician had bought a copy of my new book and wanted an autograph. Musicians interested in nukes. Good stuff. All the best. Jerry Miller, old sailor.

Sixth Fleet Music Show Reunion at the home of Diana and Gordon Peterson in Springfield, VA in May, 2011(L to R) Allan Gaumer, Tom Wholley, and Vice Admiral Gerald E Miller, US Navy Ret.


Nov 6, 2014

Wild Bill Speaks to Republicans About the Election

Community Preservation Act arrives in New Bedford

The Community Preservation Act was approved by New Bedford’s voters, adding New Bedford to the growing list of cities who have allowed the Agenda 21/sustainability/tax and spend/environmental extremists into the door and once they have entered it will be difficult to get rid of them, but it is not impossible.

Unfortunately those of us, who have been studying Agenda 21 and many of it’s tentacles for some time, know better, and were, unfortunately, too late to the table, organizing any type of viable resistance.

The mayor acted particularly shrewdly when he submitted the proposal to the City Council in the middle of the summer and during a state election rather than a municipal election, when it most definitely would have become a campaign issue.

According to activists across the state, whose communities have also been taken in by the CPA tax scam, a new slush fund has been provided for bike riding liberals, who never will have enough money to satisfy their utopian dreams of a community where cars are no longer a priority or necessary and areas where private homes and churches once existed now are owned by the government.

The State has a very poor record when it comes to providing their end of the bargain in matching funds. So once a project is underway and the community is stuck with the bill, who do you think will pay more in property taxes?

The New Bedford plan is particularly distasteful because it appears that low income people won’t have to pay for it, which is simply not true. They will pay for it in increased rents when the taxes of landlords go up and the prices of products and services increase as the taxes of business, which are taxed at a higher rate,  go through the roof.

I know…I know…the first $100,000 isn’t taxed but the value of multi unit apartment and housing complexes is far more than that, and are in fact businesses, that are taxed at a significantly higher rate, which means rents will increase for low income tenants.

Massachusetts has a spending problem and the CPA only complicates the matter.

Grants always come with restrictions and the “Community Plundering Act” is free to confiscate property in the cities just as it has done in rural areas for some time, either prohibiting construction within a certain zone or preventing alterations to private property without approval from some unelected bureaucrat, who will be ready to put buildings and homes on the historical register at the drop of a hat, in order to get more money to spend..

New Bedford is ripe with historic sites and this is why proponents of CPA have been salivating to move into New Bedford, where they  will be focusing their attention on confiscating prime real estate and historical properties that once belonged to private citizens and churches, for example.

That aspect alone is frightening. The Constitution grants us the right to own private property, but Agenda 21, is all about the confiscation of private property, more than any other reason it claims is it's primary concern like saving the environment, preserving historical properties, confiscating open space land and parks, or building affordable properties.

Remember, all grants come with restrictions, and wouldn't it make sense to know what those restictions will be and who may suffer from them..

And if the project is done in the name of “sustainable development”, “going green”, or  Smart Growth, you must be aware that these were terms that replaced "Agenda 21"  to hide their connection to the United Nations one world government takeover scheme during the Clinton administration at the urging of J Gary Lawrence, advisor to President Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development who said: 

Participating in a UN advocated planning process would very likely bring out many of the conspiracy- fixated groups and individuals in our society… This segment of our society who fear ‘one-world government’ and a UN invasion of the United States through which our individual freedom would be stripped away would actively work to defeat any elected official who joined ‘the conspiracy’ by undertaking A21. So we call our process something else, such as comprehensive planning, growth management or smart growth.

Do I think all of these projects are bad? No…just the way they are funded.

Do I suspect to see UN troops driving down Purchase St in New Bedford in the near future or see the UN Flag flying in front of City Hall? Well, I hope not, but did you know that the UN flag is flying in front of the City Hall in Amherst, MA, so anything is possible when these grey haired, pony-tailed liberal nut jobs come riding in on their bicycles.

Maybe you have more faith in the motives and management skills of democrat city planners around here, than I do, but I see nothing but trouble ahead until we have the opportunity to repeal the Community Preservation Act, which we must do at the earliest opportunity.


Nov 5, 2014

Waking Up With Mixed Emotions

I have mixed emotions this morning. I'm thrilled that Massachusetts voted to repeal the gas tax indexing law, an effort which I was honored to participate in along with conservative activists all across the state gathering signatures and standing up to corporate giants like Triple AAA and the Constuction Lobby. It was definetly David vs Goliath and we won, though it was very close.

I’m also glad that Massachusetts joined the national wave last night by electing a Republican governor in the bluest of states, I’m just sorry the governor we selected was Charlie Baker, who is sure to be a setback for Conservatives intent on reforming the MA GOP.
I'm sure the MA GOP establishment goons are gloating this morning.
And I’ll admit that I also voted for the progressive Baker, which actually surprised me. I struggled all morning yesterday, weighing the pros and cons of my decision and sought God’s guidance which I believe I received.

In the end I had to look at the big picture. Republicans had the opportunity to win both the Senate and the House, which they did very convincingly I might add, and with the right leadership they should be able to stop Obama in his tracks and reverse some of the damage his policies have all ready done. But they may need support from Republican governors on constitutional matters, interim appointments and special elections, and in electing a Republican President to the White House to finish the Obama legacy off in 2016.

As Rush Limbaugh has been saying for years: "The only way to stop Democrats is to defeat them at the polls" and that was the only thing that was on my mind when I entered the polling booth yesterday.  

If they had an R by their name, I clinched my teeth with righteous anger and blackened in the oval with a vengeance, all the time repeating the phrase in my head:

Democrats must be stopped.

Democrats must be stopped.

Democrats must  be stopped.

If they had a D next to their name and were running unopposed I left the oval blank, which was the only way I had to vote against them.

I prayerfully sought God’s guidance and felt he was with me in the voting booth giving me peace and assuring me my voting decision was the wisest course of action.

I reasoned that the time to vote for principle is during the nomination process of a political candidate. Once the members of my party have made their decision, all I can do is vote for the lesser of two evils, even if I have to put a clothespin on my nose.

And I will admit my nose is still a little red this morning.
And Conservative Republicans like myself did that all across the nation. We voted for RINO Republicans we couldn't stand, who have fought against those that hold a Biblical world view and respect life, liberty, and the right to own private property, so that we could hold as many seats at both the national and state level as possible, and slow down the spread of socialism as best we could.

New Bedford MA votes to accept the Community Preservation Act

I’m disappointed that my town, New Bedford, MA,  voted for the Community Preservation Act double taxation scam and opened the doors to the Agenda 21 folks, but that was out of my hands also. New Bedford Mayor, Jon  Mitchel very craftily submitted that plan to the City council in the middle of the summer and put it on the ballot during a State election rather than a municipal election when it would have become a more publicized issue.

 The progressive editorial board of the Standard Time published atleast two editorials on their opinion page that pushed hard for acceptance of the program; and I'm sure that helped sway public opinion,  actually saying it will cost no more than $18 a year, totally ignoring the fact that Massachusetts has a terrible record providing promised matching funds. It’s not a matching fund if you don’t get all your money back (Duh…) and some years it has been as low as 11% or 34%. Last year it was 52% and the Standard Times thinks that is good.

And then there is the matter of these liberal tax and spend friends of city council members who will occupy the committee, that will be unaccountable to we the people and unelected as well. But they will have themselves a new slush fund to play with and mismanage.

It is not impossible but we will have the opportunity to repeal the decision in the future if the community feels it has become too much of a burden for residential property owners and the tenants they rent to, as well as business owners, who will be paying a much higher rate in taxes than everyone else, which could lead to the loss of employment opportunities.

The American People Reject Obama's policies and inept leadership big time

Getting back to the Senate and the House….One of the most interesting comments I heard last night on Fox that gives me hope is that the House has passed a large array of bills that the American people never heard about because Harry Reid stopped them in their tracks and protected his members from voting on issues that were popular with the American people.

It now appears that the Republicans, who needed six seats, to win back the Senate got nine seats.

Now the Democrats won’t be able to stop them and whether Obama vetoes them or works out compromises with the Republicans, the nation will see that the GOP  is not the party of “NO”,  and hasn’t been ever since the Tea Party rose to power, thanks to President Obama’s policies which forced them into existence in the 2010 historic election.

Unfortunately the Republican party establishment and their consultants have never acknowledged the Tea Party for the gains they are solely responsible for and probably never will.

I’ll tell you what though….the last thing I wanted to hear out of the mouth of Mitch McConnel last night is that he wants to work with the President on things they agree with. Like what? Meetings at the golf course?. Picks for the NCAA Basketball Tournament? The Easter Egg Hunt at the White House?

I don’t want him to work with Obama on anything. I want him stop his agenda and figure out a way to reverse the damage his policies have already done and are doing as we speak. If he is not willing to do that, then he needs to step down.

Those were angry voters yesterday that drove Democrats out of power all across the land. They want jobs and the private sector economy to grow again. They want radical muslim terrorists defeated. They want the EBOLA crisis managed more effectively. They want Obama Care repealed. They want our borders secured and illegal immigrants treated like people who have broken the law. They oppose amnesty and they oppose all facets of Barrack Obamas anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-liberty agenda. And above all they don't want the US Constitution spit upon and disrespected at the highest levels of our government.

Regardless of what you hear on Fox News, by smiling so called conservative pundits. Yesterdays election was not an anti-incumbent election. In fact, not a single Republican incumbent was defeated. 


Nor was it a pro Republican election.


The Republicans stayed silent during the whole campaign, scared of their own shadows.  Afraid to offer alternative solutions to terrible problems. The strategy was: When you're opponent is committing suicide, you let him do it.


And so far, I haven't heard anything from McConnel to indicate that strategy will be changing. 


 He even went as far as to take shutting down the government in the next debt ceiling battle off the table, essentially surrendering the power of the purse to Obama, as Mark Levin pointed out yesterday, which is granted to the congress  by the US Constitution, not the President, and is really the only leverage they have to hold back our run away debt.


And by the way...Levin also reminded his audience that when the House shut down the government in the last debt ceiling battle, we were told it would lead to a disaster for Republicans in the next election.


Well that turned out to be pure unadulterated poppycock. The American people had no problem with the government shutdown, whatsoever, only the behavior of the Obama administration when they did things like preventing a group of World War II vets from visiting their memorial in Washington DC on a once in a lifetime trip. It was the media and the Democrats who attempted to use the shutdown for pure political reasons, and yesterday's landside victory and huge national anti-Obama tidal wave proves it once and for all.


Thankyou Mark Levin for pointing that out



Oct 31, 2014

MA media implies Baker's tears seemed "fishy"

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Charlie Baker’s emotion filled account of a conversation he had with a New Bedford fisherman in 2009, during a televised debate last week, is raising eyebrows according to front page stories this week in both the New Bedford Standard Times and the Boston Globe.
In the Standard Times article  entitled Questions raised about Baker’s story by Jonathan Carvalho and in a followup hatchetjob editorial, Was New Bedford Tricked,  the veracity of his account of a conversation with a fisherman was challenged.

During the televised debate when Baker was asked when he cried last he recalled recently recounting a story he first heard in 2009 from a big, burly, New Bedford fisherman, soaked with salt water, who told him  that he had ruined the lives of his two sons, who were football stars at New Bedford High School by forcing them to turn down football scholarships to work for their father in New Englands’ dying fishing industry.

“But in New Bedford on Wednesday those familiar with the port and New Bedford High football said the story didn’t ring any bells”, the article stated.

“No one comes to mnd that I can think of said Jim Kendall, president of New Bedford Seafood Consulting”

Kendall goes on to say: “ I’ve gotten several calls on this, texts and emails, too…I’ve checked around, and no one seems to be able to put a finger on who it would be”

The writer failed to point out that Kendal is a long time Democrat political supporter of former Congressman Barney Frank, who has a history of attacking Republicans when they express  opinions about the demise of the New England fishing Industry at the hands of "Democrat environmental wackos"(my quote), as Kendal did in 2010 in response to a letter I worte to the editor of the same newspaper, in which I quoted Republican candidate for Congress Earl Sholley, who  simply implied the government should back off and let New Bedford Fisherman  fish.
GOP Congressional Candidate, Earl Sholley,  in 2010 fought for the rights of New Bedford fishermen against Democrat environmental extremists in the Obama administration, like Obama appointee Dr Jane Lubchenko, who lead a radical agenda against New Bedford fishermen as head of the NOAA, but the fishermen still continued to mindlessly support Democrats like Barney Frank, John Kerry, and Deval Patrick

Sholley wrote an op ed piece that appeared in the New Bedford Standard Times on Aug 31, 2010 entitled "NOAA's Message: "Let them eat fish" where he said:. 

Under the direction of Dr. Jane Lubchenco, former board member of the Environmental Defense Fund, now the head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for the Obama Administration (NOAA), the New Bedford fishing industry is on the verge of being destroyed. The Obama/Lubchenco "Fish Tale" is stinking up the industry, and as usual, the fish rots from the head down. While the industry is sinking, this administration is saying "Let them eat fish." 

Already suffering from catch limits, high taxes and high insurance premiums, middle class family fishermen in the 4th Congressional District are struggling to earn a living here because of the Obama administration's oppressive and unprecedented intrusion into their livelihood

Sholley's prediction came true as is evidenced by the photo of idle fishing boats packed three and four deep at the city's fishing piers on both the north and south sides of the harbor on a daily basis, which was unusual during peak fishing periods not too long ago.

Yet that didn't stop the fishermen from continuing to vote for Obama and his radical environmentalists that infest his administration like roaches and implement economically prohibitive policies like fish share quotas, the fraudulent Global warming scheme,  and the United Nation's sanctioned sustainable development and utopian wet dreams, like the Community Preservation Act Tax (CPA) which will be voted on in New Bedford on Nov 4th. 

It’s obvious the editorial board of the Standard Times went out on a limb this time, with their recent endorsement of the progressive Republican, Baker, over the Democrat Gubernatorial candidate, Martha Coakley, and now they are looking for a way to squirm out of their decision. One can only guess how much heat they may have received in this bastion of blue collar liberal democrats. 

Baker’s attempt to bring New Bedford into the debate, may have given the radical socialists at the Standard Times the opportunity to save face with angry southcoast democrats.

Any inference that the Democrat party bares any responsibility for getting in bed with the environmental activists who have destroyed the fishing industry, and inhibited other industries as well throughout the country, through ridiculous regulations have always been met with opposition in these parts, particularly from self-proclaimed spokesmen and democrat attack dogs, like Jim Kendal, for constituencies like New Bedford Fishermen.

Oh sure… they made a big fuss about it publicly, as Barney Frank often did to no avail, but they still kept voting for Democrat socialist ideologues, like Frank election after election, and never made his party accountable for the emergence of environmental extremists in agencies like NOAA and the EPA.

In fact despite his letter writing and fist pounding at public news conferences, it was a well known fact that Barney Frank was a favorite son of liberal environmental action groups and received public acknowledgements and awards for supporting the very special interest groups, like the Sierra Club  and agencies who were bringing New Bedford's fishing industry down to it's knees.  

And that may be why Charlie Baker, who I do not support, because of his scandalous refusal to support the 2014 GOP platform, as well as his progressive and immoral stance on social issues,  "illegal immigration" and gun control,  chose to bring New Bedford into the debate, with his tear filled account. 

Whether the details of the story are accurate or simply politics as usual,  Baker understands how government interference has destroyed the New England Fishing Industry including in the city of New Bedford where activities at the once bustling fishing piers have been reduced dramatically. 

In fact, Richie Canastra, co-owner of Whaling city Seafood Display Auction, was quoted in the same article, saying how things have deteriorated in the fishing business in New Bedford: 
Right now, we’re down to about 36 vessels we unload in New Bedford; there used to be close to 200.

On the subject of Baker's "mystical and anonymous fisherman and his two sons", Canastra also said: I don’t know of who the person would be”. I don’t know all the fishermen”, casting doubt once again on the veracity of Baker's salty tale, which would have made Herman Melville proud, whether it was true or not.
Considering that the conversation occurred five years ago and I'm certain that Charlie  Baker  has had more than a few conversations with hard working fisherman in ports all over the Massachusetts coastline since then, why would anyone be suspicious of his account, which sounds pretty believable to me? 
 During the debate when Coakley was asked the same question, she said she had just returned from the funeral of a union leader, where she had also cried. 

It’s funny though….I haven’t read anything to indicate anyone in the Democrat  media is questioning Coakley’s  answer the way they have vigorously questioned Baker’s. I wonder why?
Baker's moving talk with fisherman was in '09' ( Boston Globe, Oct 30, 2014)
Questions raised about Baker's story. New Bedford Standard Times (Oct 30, 2014)

Sholley Fights for Family Fishermen

Oct 26, 2014

Vote No on the Community Plundering Act in New Bedford, MA

City Hall New Bedford, MA

Accepting the Community Preservation Act (CPA) in New Bedford, MA  on Nov 4th by voting yes on Question # 5 would be a big mistake for New Bedford….HUGE!

Reading the details of the act has convinced me it’s basically a slush fund hidden behind smoke and mirrors, with a dash of class warfare thrown in.

A 9 member committee of unelected officials, will make the decisions about how the money should be spent and these recommendations will be submitted to the City Council annually. And if you don’t think those decisions will be rubberstamped by the liberals on the Council who appointed them to this new Soviet, then I’m sure you’ll believe me when I tell you I have a way for a new New Bedford-Fairhaven bridge to be built without tax payer funding.

In other words instead of an individual case being made before the council for each project, the proposals will be submitted with little light cast on the massive expenditures.

The 1.5% surcharge is simply another name for a tax upon a tax, where the amount changes as your property taxes changes . If they want a new tax bill then let them vote on it separately, rather than impose this slight of hand trickery.

You are already paying real estate property taxes. Isn’t that enough?

 Do you really want to be doubly taxed so that special interest groups can have a way to fund their projects, rather than raising funds privately, the way our parents and grandparents once did.

The State is supposed to provide matching funds up to 100% but will they? Massachusetts does not have a good record of providing State Aid.

During the first 6 years of the “Community Plundering Act, 100% in matching funds was provided, true enough.  But in subsequent years they have fallen short; 67% in FY 2009; 34% in FY 2010; 27% in FY 2011; and last year it was only 52%.

I wasn’t a math major, but even I can tell that is not enough to get your money back. So the only way to pay for these pie in the sky projects will be to increase taxes, which means rents will go up also.

And if your not part of the voting blocks that are being protected, guess who is going to have their taxes raised. The mere fact that certain groups are exempt should tell you how bad this scheme is.

Creating class warfare is how the Bolsheviks took over in Russia and how progressivism took route in this country during the last century.

Once  this Trojan horse tax scam has arrived it will be very difficult to revoke it. There is a waiting period of five years before a vote can even be taken.

The Community Plundering Act is just another way for  special interest groups to get funds to feed their appetites for bigger and more intrusive government.

In the town of Westport MA they have discovered that all they have to do is find some old building or church, where people don’t attend anymore, and get it on the historical registor and BAM!!!..a slush fund is born for the politicos to secretly divert money for projects they couldn’t get the tax payers to support otherwise.

If the community didn’t care about the property when it was an active Church, for example, why would they care about it now.

If the environmentalist extremists who are everywhere these days want to build a bike path or a hiking path , in the name of “Sustainable Development” which use to be called “Agenda 21”,  let them grab their own rakes and shovels along with other volunteers and do it themselves. Communities that have rejected Agenda 21 type schemes like the CPA have built there own ball fields and hiking trails, or restored  affordable housing units with their own paint brushes and their own hammer and nails, and in the end took a lot more pride in the finished product than if they had professional contractors eviscerate their hard earned tax dollars.   



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