Jan 20, 2015

Successful Opening of "American Sniper" Amid Growing Backlash Against Radical Islamic Jihad

The movie, American Sniper, struck a nerve with movie goers during a big holiday weekend opening of Director Clint Eastwood’s production of the true story about a US Navy SEAL from Texas named Kris Kyle, who became a legendary sniper during his four tours of duty during the Iraq war.

After watching the movie with an open mind, I’m convinced the emotional appeal of the story has a lot to do with the growing backlash taking place in the world and in this country against radical Islamic jihad which Kyle saw firsthand in Iraq, as he prodigiously picked off head decapitating barbarians, who he believed in his heart were evil and would soon be arriving in this country if he didn’t stop them there. I also wanted to see why left wing critics of capitalism, like anti-American movie producer, Michael Moore, who routinely makes millions of dollars in capitalistic ventures are so upset at this story, after it received 6 Academy award nominations including Best Picture and broke all time box office records for the month of January, normally a slow month at the movies, following the Holiday season.

Moore, who says his uncle was killed by a sniper in World War II, tweeted: “We were taught snipers were cowards…will shoot in the back. Snipers aren’t heroes. And invaders r worse”…triggering a backlash and perhaps even causing more curiosity seekers like myself to flock to movie theaters on a national holiday celebrating the birthday of Martin Luther King, to see what all the hullaballoo was about.

A caller to the Rush Limbaugh show on Monday, whose uncle served as a sniper in the Korean war expressed outrage at Moore’s statement saying: “My father’s first mission was to hunt down an enemy sniper in the field that was waiting on him. That takes a special type of individual to do that. He hunted em down…he made the man make a mistake, and then he eliminated him in the field.” Limbaugh responded by saying: “Exactly. Snipers are defensive positions. Snipers take on the enemy for crying out loud , to enable success of operations. They take out other snipers on the other side. It’s war. To call this murder and to accuse Eastwood and everybody in this movie of celebrating a cold-blooded murder is simply outrageous. I’m sorry you have to defend it, sir.”

And judging by the reaction of theater goers at the AMC Dartmouth Mall 12 in North Dartmouth, MA, where the audience actually broke into spontaneous applause at the film’s conclusion, we can expect to see a growing backlash against those on the left who criticize anyone with the foresight and courage, like the late Kris Kyle, to take up arms against what I believe will soon prove to be the greatest threat to our survival this nation has ever seen…homegrown radical Islamic decapitators.

Jan 19, 2015

Duke Ellington at the Piano in Paris

Today is a national holiday celebrating Martin Luther King's Birthday and I can't think of a better day to give politics a rest and post a tribute to a great African American Jazz artist Duke Elington. I became interested in the music of Duke Ellington in the late 60's as a young fledgling jazz pianist and still consider him a very special musician and human being. It's rather long...about 39 minutes but it is worth listening to.

Jan 16, 2015

Where was our President?

With the recent bloody massacre in Paris at both the offices of the satirical publication, Charlie Hebdo where 12 people were killed and at a nearby supermarket frequented by French Jews where 4 people were senselessly massacred by Islamic radicals, I only hope that President Obama and his staff of liberal ideologues from the faculty lounge understand the threat we now face from radical Islamists ourselves, right here in the United States.

 But after seeing photos of 40 world leaders marching in solidarity with millions of outraged and grief-striken French citizens at the Paris Unity March, without the leader of the free world present, I'm not overly optimistic.  

I mean …I keep looking at the widely distributed photo posted below, looking in disbelief,  convinced that I must be mistaken. Certainly he must be there someplace.  

World leaders participate in unity march in remembrance of the victims of the Charlie Hebro  attack (Reuters)

As arrogant as Obama has always come across to me and most other conservatives, most of us never thought he could be this self absorbed.

And I still don’t. He had to know what he was doing and how it would be perceived by the world. 

Where was the staff member with enough nerve to go to the President and say:

"For crying out loud Mr President. Set the DVR for the games and tell your staff to get Air Force one ready to go" ?

I never thought he would be negligent enough to miss the kind of unique gathering of world leaders that rarely takes place in one's lifetime, except at a funeral of a great world leader, like the one I remember watching on TV in 1963 for President John F Kennedy, where I remember the President of France at the time, the legendary World War II Icon Charles DeGaulle marching front and center in Washington DC with friends and enemies alike.

And so we return the favor by refusing to send a single high level representative to represent us, never mind one of De Gaul’s stature.

But then again, he reportedly was nowhere to be found the night of the Benghazi massacre and had to be pulled in from the golf course to make it back to the White House in time for a photo op and pretend he knew what was going on, the day Osama Bin Laden was captured and killed

Obama is the one who has always had a flare for the dramatic, when he didn’t really deserve to do so, so it's quite unlike him not to show up in Paris when the eyes of the world were watching, as he did when he spoke at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin before he was even President, or when they brought out the Greek columns the night he accepted his nomination for President and set the sound system’s “voice of God echo effect” to maximum.

I’m afraid the argument that they did not have enough time to set up security arrangements simply doesn’t wash. When funerals for anyone occur, there is usually not very much notice given ahead of time. The deceased world leader is rarely capable of giving two weeks notice before he dies suddenly in the middle of the night.
And now that France was hosting one of its own special historical events that I’m sure will be remembered as one of the most important memorial events in their nation’s history and perhaps the entire world, the President of the United States was back home watching the NFL playoffs with his Vice President, probably drinking adult beverages and devouring game day snacks, prepared especially for them by the White House Chef, so his decision not to attend is surprising, to say the least.  

And the liberal media is fit to be tied.

Is it possible the media’s long honeymoon with America’s first black president is finally over? And that they have finally woken up, the way conservatives woke up when we heard  recordings of the hate-filled, bigoted, sermons given by the Reverand Jerimiah Wright, at the church Obama and his family attended for twenty years. Or when we heard Obama apologize for the United States to the Muslim world at the beginning of his Presidency, though it was never clear why. Or when he left the US Ambassador to Libya and 5 American patriots hanging out to dry in Benghazi. Or when he refused to let a group of World War II heroes visit their memorial in Washington during a once in a lifetime trip that would probably be their last opportunity to do so, during the so called government shutdown.   

If that didn’t stop the flow of slobbering, gushing wet kisses coming from the media back then and it didn’t,  why does it appear to be happening now?.

Is it because fellow journalists are the ones who were the victims? That is probably part of it. I don’t really know.

 But I do know he missed a great opportunity to make a clear statement to the Muslim world, especially the 10 percent, who are fundamentalists and sympathize with radical Islamic terrorists, to help send a message that the non-muslim world has had enough and they are no longer going to deny their evil ways and help cover up for them, by looking the other way.  

But he clearly blew it by missing his chance to demonstrate the kind of gravitas and depth of character displayed by great leaders like Winston Churchhill, Ronald Reagan, and John F Kennedy at significant events in history, as seen in the following video that is now going viral across the internet.

Jan 12, 2015

The Charlie Hebdo Attack and the Liberal's Favorite Founding Father

Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an is preserved in the Library of Congress and handled with great care

Radical Ismaic Terrorists who attacked Charlie Hebdo and were later killed  (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/11/unity-march-photos_n_6451524.html)
If you ever had an argument with a liberal about the founding of this country and dared to imply that the evidence is overwhelming that America was founded as a Christian nation, you have probably had  the name Thomas Jefferson thrown in your face. As one of the two “ungodly" founding fathers along with Benjamin Franklin that liberals love to misquote to disprove your theory of America's Christian heritage, their responses are usually filled with distorted interpretations of his oft quoted “wall of separation” phrase, that has evolved into what liberals now consider a bedrock constitutional principle known as the  Separation of Church and State, which by the way is no where to be found in the U.S Constitution.  But the truth doesn't matter much to liberals these days so your tormentor inevitably finishes what is usually a marathon exchange, convinced he has won the debate and that Thomas Jefferson had to be one of our greatest presidents simply because he disagreed with “born again morons” , like myself, who aren’t afraid to quote scripture and the US Constitution simultaneously when religious practices in our schools or the public square come under attack.  

On the subject of national security, however, the silence is deafening when it comes to our third President of the United States, because he simply took a "politically incorrect" stand against Radical Islam during his Presidency. 

Even before he became President and pirates from the North African Barbary States of Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli began seizing American merchant ships, enslaving their crews, and holding them for ransom, Jefferson learned about the mentality of the “Musselman (Muslim) in a meeting with Tripoli’s ambassador to Great Britain, Sidi Haji Abdul Bahman Adja, who told both he and John Adams that:

“Islam was founded on the laws of their Prophet and that it was written in their Quran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners and that every “Musselman”, who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

So when Thomas Jefferson, the founding father liberals evoke the most in debates with constitutional conservatives, like myself, learned that the real reason radical Islamic terrorists hate us so much is simply because we exist, he must have formulated in his own mind the only strategy that could be effective against such an enemy. 

And that  was simple brute force,  which he employed shortly after he became President in 1801, when the  Pasha of Tripoli declared  war on us.

So he responded in a way no self-righteous, all knowing liberal will ever admit.

He sent a squadron of ships to the region with orders to seize all ships and goods, and send these Islamic marauders off to that 5 star wedding in Paradise they desired so deeply.  

And the strategy worked. Standing up to the school yard bully always does.


As soon as they saw the US was actually committed to the fight, Algiers and Tunis quickly abandoned the war and allegiance to Tripoli, which is now enshrined in the stanzaz of the Marine Corps Hymn, where it says “ To the shores of Tripoli”

The point here is that Jefferson stood up to our enemies. He didn't respond by announcing plans for a ridiculous summit on "encountering violent extremism" in a room filled with academic eggheads. Nor did he blame the action on an obscure You Tube video, following a planned attack by Islamic terrorists, who  murdered our US Ambassador and 5 American patriots defending the US Consulate. Nor did he issue orders to stand down as they were being over-run and abandoned by their own President; Nor did he refer to it as an act of "workplace violence", or express a desire to "listen to  their grievances". And he certainly didn't  apologize for the United States to the entire Muslim world as President Obama did shortly after beginning his Presidency, though it was never really clear what it was that we had done wrong and why the entire Muslim world hated us so much.

But Thomas Jefferson knew why.

And after this week’s senseless para military attack on the newspaper offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris , European countries have finally started to wake up to the threats they are now vulnerable to by Islamic jihadists, and that the only thing  Islamic radical jihadists want from them is to convert to Islam or die.  


Dec 19, 2014

Jazz Patriot Endorses Mary Lou Daxland for President of MARA

Mary Lou Daxland from Westport, MA is a candate for President of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly

Updated Jan 8, 2015 @ 11:25 PM: The Jazz Patriot is happy to endorse Mary Lou Daxland to be the next President of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly (MARA). The election of officers for the grassroots conservative Republican group, which is a part of the National Fraternity of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) will take place on January 10, 2015 at their annual convention at Maxwell- Silverman's Toolhouse in Worcester, MA.

If the past is any indicator, members who paid their dues and convention fees on time, will cast  a secret ballot for the candidate they believe best supports the objectives and principles of MARA and has a proven track record of working for conservative candidates in political campaigns, as well as hosting events to raise money for candidates at the grass roots level.  

Mary Lou is such a candidate.

She really cares about MARA and is not just using it as a stepping stone or as a power base to launch future campaigns for herself. She has proven to be a thorn in the side of the MA GOP for many years, fighting not just for economic sanity but for the rights of the unborn and traditional family values, something which her opponent Mark Fisher was unable to communicate,  at the beginning of his campaign for Governor,  though he did succeed in clearing up any doubts among pro life conservatives, about his position on abortion as  his campaign progressed.

It is the opinion of the Jazz Patriot that we need a President, who is not a newcomer to MARA, but has experience fighting for it’s survival.

Mary Lou Daxland is the leader we need to be President of MARA

She joined MARA in 2009 and began hosting and organizing successful fundraisers for conservative candidates, one of MARAs primary responsibilities including a  successful fundraiser at her home in Westport, MA in 2010, for Congressional Candidate Earl Sholley. It was such a success that she continued sponsoring annual summer fundraisers at her home in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014,  enabling many conservative candidates to run for offices at the grass roots level as well as for Mark Alliegro, who ran for Congress from the 9th Congressional District, and missed winning the GOP Primary by a meer 526 votes.

Other fundraisers included Pasta and Politics in 2013, as well as a fundraising event featuring Nevada Senate Candidate and President of the NFRA, Sharon Angle in Boxborough, Plymouth, and Westfield, MA. In 2014 she organized the very successful KCarl Smith event of the Frederick Douglas Republicans and the Endorsement Convention for Kevin Freeman, author of Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism Brought down the U.S. Stock Market and Why It can Happen Again; and my personal favorite, the political speaking engagement in Plymouth MA in 2014 featuring the eloquent and inspirational pastor, Rafael Cruz, father of Senator Ted Cruz of Texas,  along with conservative representative, Geoff Diel and the very same Mark Fisher, Mark Alliegro, and several candidates for Massachusetts state office.

A tireless worker, during her tenure as Vice President of Chapter 4, founder and President of Chapter 9, she co-authored the by- laws for Chapters to be organized under the US Congressional District Maps. In 2011 she re-worked the membership under the New State Redistricting Guidelines and helped Chapter 6 organize. In 2013 she helped organize the Statewide Officer Election and was elected herself to the position of National Committeewoman in recognition of her dedication to MARA and her knowledge of policies and procedures. During her tenure one of the most common phrases heard at MARA chapter meetings throughout the State is ...

"I don't know, let's call Mary Lou."

It is also important for our next President to have the time and the financial resources to travel around the country as well as the state and attend campaign events as well as meetings on behalf of MARA, which Mary Lou already has been doing as National Committeewoman, attending board meetings and representing MARA at events like the NFRA convention in Dallas, Tx. in 2013. 

In a recent article in the MA conservative political newspaper, the Boston Broadside, Mary Lou focused on what she believes is the purpose of MARA: "It is our job to reform the party when the party has moved away from the Principles that the Republican Party has always stood for. That is why we are NOT part of the MASSGOP."

Two of her proudest accomplishments as a leader in MARA was helping US Senate Candidate Michael Sullivan get the signatures he needed to get on the Ballot in just 10 days. "The MASSGOP is still scratching their heads trying to figure out how we helped pull that one off. It really isn't rocket science. It is all about getting the job done."

She is also proud of the work Assembly members did gathering the necessary signatures needed to put the Tank the Gas Tax question on the Ballot, which was successfully repealed, in an effort that could even be called miraculous. "Many of our members gathered thousands of signatures making sure that the question would make the ballot. Other members kept posting on Facebook, writing letters to the editors, attending rallies, distributing yard signs and standing out at the polls. With all the effort the question passed."

She is not a conservative flash in the pan, but has a proven tract record of working for the transformation of the MA GOP back to it’s conservative roots, when the Bay Colony was still known as the Cradle of Liberty and the Republican party didn't hide from fighting for the social issues of the day, which under Abraham Lincoln's leadership included slavery.  Over the years, this devout Catholic woman led the way as she worked feverishly for political candidates who battled for the rights of the unborn, parental rights, the traditional family unit, and the US Constitution including the right to own private property.  

Conservatives strengthen their grip on the GOP State Committee in 2012

Mary Lou also worked tirelessly along with MARA members Steve Alyward, Linda Rapoza, and John DiMascio  in getting 18 other MARA members elected to the MA GOP State Committee in 2012, which has significant influence over MA GOP politics, providing financial support and guidance for candidates  during their campaigns,. The growing conservative presence on the State Committee could be seen in the Platform adopted at the State Convention in 2014, , though the convention's gubernatorial nominee, Charlie Baker, refused to accept it, illustrating to conservative activists that until conservatives wrest control of the State Committee from the Progressive Party establishment,as well as the Chairmanship of the MA GOP, winning primary elections and running true conservative candidates in the general election, rather than wishy washy, spineless,  democrat lite candidates, like Baker, will continue to be an uphill battle in this bluest of blue states.  
Aside from her work within MARA, Daxland is a long time Republican activist in Massachusetts with impeccable credentials, who has exercised effective Republican leadership in her community. In 2008, Mary Lou organized the Westport Republican Town Committee, which had been non existent for 4 to 5 years. As Chairman she recruited un-enrolled conservatives to come back into the Party to fix it. "These people have been the  base of the WRTC which is now at a max of 35 members who serve as poll workers, and in other positions including the Board of Selectmen and the town Energy Committee."  

The fight continues

No one has been fighting for conservative principles and against the MA RINO infiltrators longer than Mary Lou Daxland and her experience will be invaluable in the up and coming battle to take over the State Committee, which Governor Elect, Charlie Baker is prepared to spend whatever it takes to defeat conservatives on the State Committee in the 2016 election, according to MA GOP   sources. 
Mary Lou is prepared for that fight. She is determined to see that our membership increases but not so fast that members with a questionable allegiance to conservatism,  including social conservatism, slip through the cracks, leading to the same abominable situation we found ourselves in 2010, when MARA officers were actively involved in preventing pro life conservatives from gaining control of the organization, refusing to even hold regular elections as mandated by MARA by laws. 

With Mary Lou at the helm, the type of strategies cooked up in smoke filled rooms, chronyism and intense shenanigans that took place at the  2011 MARA convention, in complete disregard of MARA by-laws, in which some well respected conservative leaders like Linda Rapoza and Earl Sholley were even temporarily banned from the group, that will never happen
Also we need someone who won't get discouraged as several MARA activists did during this recent  stressful and disappointing campaign season,  starting with the controversial 2014 MA GOP State Convention, in which GOP establishment dirty tricks were on display for all to see.. 

Years of Management Experience in the Business World

As  a former US Navy Senior Chief Petty officer with years of leadership experience, I believe I have some insights on what makes an effective leader and am pretty good at recognizing good leaders after serving on the staffs of some of the top Admirals in the US Navy during my career as a US Navy Musician.  I also studied the latest management techniques in the business world  while pursuing a BS degree in Management of Information Systems which I received from UMass Dartmouth in 2007, graduating Magna Cum Laude at the age of 59.

I learned about Mary Lou’s extensive business background  from working with her in several campaigns and spending hours carpooling with Mary Lou and her husband from the Western part of District 9 to meetings and events all over Cape Cod. Some MARA members  may not be aware that Mary Lou has been in the marketplace and has years of experience. She has held positions as manager and buyer in retail stores after working her way thru the executive training program at Jordan Marsh of FL. She has held management and buyer positions at Jordan Marsh of FL, Burdines of FL, and Filenes of Boston. She has managed and purchased for million dollar businesses. She knows when it is time to react to something and to make the decisions that all competent leaders must make to get the job done.

Like Mark Fisher Mary Lou also has experience running a blue collar manuafacturing business.  Her Father owned a Tool and Dye business and when her father passed shortly after she graduated from College she helped run the family business.
As we search for officers of high character and integrity, who will lead MARA into the future in alignment with the founding objectives of MARA, as well as the principles of MARA, I believe we are fortunate to have two outstanding candidates running for President. Although I believe Mary Lou Daxland is the most qualified candidate for that position, I am resolved to support through my actions and my prayers who ever the members decide is the most worthy candidate to run our blessed organization, and I pray that all members will approach this decision prayerfully, as well, asking God for wisdom as they prepare to cast their vote this Saturday. .

By Tom Wholley, member in good standing of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly since 2010, and the William Bradfor Chapter, MARA 9th since 2012..









Dec 8, 2014


 Unbroken by Laura Hillebrand, who also wrote “Seabiscuit”, was one of the most intriguing books I've read in some time, that was impossible to put down. I started reading this Friday and put my life on hold until finishing it early Monday morning. A movie based on this book opens on Christmas Day, and I can't wait to see how the screen play compares with the book.

If you  love stories about the triumph of the human spirit over impossible odds, then this is a must read.

It’s the true story of Louie Zamperini, a former Olympic track star who was able to get past a youth characterized by juvenile delinquency, a severe plane crash in the Army Air Force Pacific theater in 1943, a 2000 mile raft journey harassed by sharks, while barely escaping starvation by eating raw birds and raw fish, before being captured.

Miss Hillebrand obviously researched the fait of World War  II POWS thoroughly making this book much more than a biography of a great man but an exhaustive treatise of what life was like for those who fought World War II from inside a Japanese prison camp.

Though the language is clean, the descriptions of the endless beatings at the hand of his captors are quite vivid and can be difficult to take at times. His life changed after the war when he attended a Billy Graham tent meeting, overcoming alcoholism, saving his marriage and developing the ability to forgive his captors and overcome his desire for revenge . http://www.amazon.com/Unbroken-World-Survival-Resilience-Redemption-ebook/dp/B003WUYPPG/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1418053644&sr=1-1&keywords=unbroken

Nov 14, 2014

The Architect of ObamaCare Confesses They Lied and Thinks We're Stupid

The architect of ObamaCare, MIT Economics Professor Jonathan Gruber, brags about deceiving the American people, who he thinks are stupid.

The bill passed without a single Republican vote. The Democrat leadership even changed the rules so the Republicans couldn't filibuster after Scot Brown won back the Kennedy seat for the GOP. All they needed were 51 votes which is criminal, when you consider that the bill put 1/6 of the economy into the governments hands, would eventually destroy the greatest healthcare system in the world, and did nothing to make health care more affordable. It is more expensive than ever now, and most of those that didn't have it before, still don't have

And actually Professor, the only people that didn't understand that ObamaCare was a giant con job from the very beginning were the Democrats and their supporters. So...who are the stupid ones again?

Even the media elites at the Washington Post, New York Times, NBC, ABC,  CBS, PBS, and CNN fell for it, and thus the low information voters were duped bigtime. Now the media is upset because they were lied too.

Well...here's a newsflash for you. Democrats lie about most everything. If the American people new the truth about their agendas, their legislative bills would never pass. It's necessary in their minds. Liberalism has been a dismal failure everywhere it has been tried whether it be the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, or the Eastern Block countries, who are now embracing capitalism and freedom with a vengeance, while Europe and the United States head in the opposite direction towards economic collapse and Big Government totalitarianism..

Here is another video of this liberal elitist professor, who has never had a real job in the private sector where real people with real families are fired because of prohibitive regulations that increase a company's expenses

Who are the  stupid ones again? They are so stupid that last week they fired the Democrats in mass all across the land and let Obama and his elitist advisors and consultants like this guy, know through their voting decisions that they are ordering them to cease and desist from implementing their radical socialistic policies. They want them stopped. They don't want Republicans to work with Democrats for one second. They want them to repair the damage done to the country in the last six years and they want him prevented from causing any further damage. It's questionable however that the Republican leadership, namely Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel has gotten the message.