Jul 23, 2014

Do you remember when the US president was the leader of the free world?

For as long as I can remember the President of the United States of America was someone who was recognized by nations all over the world, as the leader of the free world, not just the leader of the United States of America.

 That was then, and now is now.

Our own president, Barack Hussein Obama, doesn’t seem to believe that anymore, or atleast it seems that way.

From what I can tell, America in his way of thinking is long overdue for a lesson in humility, after what it has done to the rest of the world, and he is more than willing, as President of the United States, to fall in line with the leaders of other European style socialist nations, keep his mouth shut, and surrender America’s position of leadership in the world.

Of course this is only my opinion.

I hope I’m wrong.

I would not like to think that our president is involved in what would certainly be an impeachable offense and an act of treason,  but what am I to think, when he releases 5 of the most lethal and venomous Taliban leaders at Guantanimo Bay for one lone American, nutjob, deserter.

And what am I to think when he has not denied in the past that he does not believe in American exceptionalism.

I don’t think it is any coincidence that last night a mysterious group of skilled climbers risked their lives replacing two American flags at the top of the infamous Brooklyn Bridge with two white flags of surrender. I have no idea who pulled this stunt off, but if their intention was to signify America’s surrender of it’s coveted and I believe God ordained position of leadership in the world, then I applaud the action.

Because under this President and his staff of leftists in the White House, the State Department, the Defense Department, and the CIA,  they have systematically sabotaged long established foreign policy goals.

Meanwhile, the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, sensing an unprecedented opportunity is acting aggressively and taking his place along with the other murderous tyrants of history, that US Presidents once felt an obligation and duty to stand up against on behalf of the free world.

Times have indeed changed

I grew up in the 1950’s in the backdrop of the Cold War, when every international conflict brought the Soviet Union and the United States to the brink of nuclear war, or at least conventional warfare.

I remember strong US presidents who understood the extent of the military power they had at their disposal like President Eisenhower, who as the top Allied Forces Military Commander had rescued Europe from the Nazis and went on to lead America as well as the entire Western world in the aftermath of World War II against a Soviet Union that boldly declared America’s grandchildren would live under communism.

These presidents knew who the bad guys were and never…ever…apologized for taking risks with American lives for the cause of world-wide liberty, whether those efforts were successful or not.

I remember JFK standing up to Krushev and Fidel Castro in the Cuban missle crisis and watching Krushev blink when forced to the brink of annihilation.

There was no talk of negotiations or peace treaties or naïve lectures given on civility by the Secretary of State when the Soviet Union or one of its satellite nations crossed the line back then.

Nor were there any accusations of war mongering by a politically biased and corrupt national media. It was well understood by mature adults, no matter what their age, that only the ability to wage War with  overwhelming force at any given moment was the only effective  deterrent to War and the only language demagogues set upon world domination understood.

When the same JFK appeared in West Berlin, it was clear the leader of the Western World had arrive to take a stand against communist aggression by identifying with the citizens on both sides of the Wall and boldly declaring: “Ich bin ein Berliner”.

And years later, when the US president, Ronald Wilson Reagan demanded that the leader of the Soviet Union, tear down that very same wall in Berlin, there was no doubt who the leader of the free world was, as the Soviet Union crumbled along with the Berlin Wall.

And there was also no doubt who the leader of the free world was when that same US President wasted no time calling the “evil empire, out for downing a Korean Airlines passenger airliner traveling from New York to Seoul, killing 269 people.

The leader of the free world at the time, knowing full well who was responsible for the event, as all US Presidents always do, within minutes of a breaking crisis, due to their their tremendous intelligence gathering capabilities, addressed the nation immediately and formally, calling the Soviet action….”monstrous, murderous, and born of a society which wantonly disregards individual rights and the value of human life”.

There was no time to beat around the bush, while more civilian airliners fell from the sky. There was no talk of surrendering leadership to the United Nations and asking them to investigate the incident, as though he didn’t already know what had happened, before prancing off to a fundraiser, cracking jokes, and eating cheeseburgers.

This was a deadly serious moment and the US president didn’t back down because he knew that he was more than the President of the United States. He was the leader of the free world, and every freedom loving person in the world understood this.

But as I said before: That was then, and now is now.

Times have indeed changed.

This time another nation, Ukraine, is being victimized by a Russian terrorist and thug, intent on succeeding in reducing everybody’s nuclear arsenal except his own and the arsenals of his allies in Iran and Syria.

And this time unfortunately, the leader of the free world won’t appear showing solidarity with the Ukranian people, as JFK would have….calling Vladimir Putin for what he is…a murderous thug…as Ronald Reagan would have, and using skillful diplomatic political and military skills to forge an alliance that could stand up against the emerging military forces we now see in Red China, the former Soviet Union, Iran, Syria,  and North Korea, that Dwight Eisenhower would certainly have done.


Because these great men understood they were not only Presidents of the United States, but were leaders of the free world as well.


Jul 1, 2014

SCOTUS DEFENDS RELIGIOUS LIBERTY: Ginsburg provides ammunition to defenders of traditional marriage

US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (http;//www.biography.com)

What is most remarkable about the Hobby Lobby ruling by the U.S. Supreme Cout, which gives the Christian owners the right to assert their free exercise of religion rights from the first Amendment of the US Constitution is that it was necessary in the first place to even have a ruling.

I mean why would something as plain as day as our religious liberty rights be batted around in the media as though something very new and strange was suddenly thrust upon the American people .

Of course, I know the answer to that question.

It only appears strange against the backdrop of one political party’s all out assault on the constitution through intrusive government regulation,  which necessitated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) that the Supreme Court based it’s decision on.

I repeat. It was not a decision based on Constitutional law, as the White House is implying by referring to “the Constitutional Lawyer” who works in the Oval Office, and is studying the decision,  but it was based on statuatory law.

What’s ironical is that the political party that has been engaged in all out warfare on our constitution, of course, is the Democrat party and the President who signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law was none other than Bill Clinton, who along with his wife, Hillary Clinton,  have both been aggressively lashing out against the decision that is based on his own law.

Although we have been barraged with very predictable propaganda by the democrats and their media already, saying  the scope of the ruling was narrow, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in her descent made it quite clear she doesn’t believe it is narrow at all, suggesting that it could even be used in court by those who oppose same sex marriage on religious grounds, which will make evangelical Christians and muslims strange bedfellows in her debt, indeed and united for a common cause: to save the institution of marriage.

On the other hand I wonder how the GLBTQ community will feel about her suggestions offered so generously and forth rightly to a segment of society they despise: Christians and Muslims.

I don’t think it would be going too far to assert  that Ginsburg seemed to be opening up a can of worms in her very long opinion, which is sure to incite the homosexual community, and I also note that “our dear leader” seems to be salivating at  the opportunity to use the decision to rile up liberals, especially women, for fundraising purposes, when a simple solution would be to have the insurance companies pay for the cost of contraceptives, as the administration has done in the case of non profit organizations.

But if he did that, President Obama wouldn’t be able to prolong his fictitious war on women, which he blames on republicans, out of sheer political chicanery, though this decision did nothing to prevent women from acquiring as many birth control devices as they wish, courtesy of Planned Parenthood, or their local Target or Walmart where they may purchase a month’s supply for $9.00, even if he won’t help them out by requiring Insurance companies to pay for them.

But campaign fundraising is too important to Obama, I imagine, with the Democrats on the verge of losing the Senate to the Republicans according to the latest polls and the President ranting childishly and threatening to use  his pen and phone like some tin pot banana republic dictator, in violation of the constitution, instead of acting in accordance with the constitutionally mandated Separation of powers he swore a sacred oath to protect and defend.

Jun 30, 2014

Could What Happened in the Mississippi Primary Happen in Massachusetts?

In case you think that what happened in Mississippi couldn’t possibly happen in Massachusetts, I ask you to contemplate the following scenario.

If the primary election between Baker and Fisher were so close that a run-off was necessitated. Don’t you think that democrats would work with the GOP establishment republicans to scare democrat voters into voting  for Baker, just to keep the pro life, anti-illegal immigration candidate, Mark Fisher, from winning?

Sure it would be an unethical and despicable breach of conduct as well as a clear violation of the law, but may I remind you who we are dealing with here.

These are the same people who changed the voting tallies at the MA GOP State Convention to keep Mark Fisher off the primary ballot.

And it would have worked if the courts hadn’t pressured the MA GOP to wipe the egg off their face and allow Fisher his rightful place on the ballot, by ordering a trial by jury, thus ending the lawsuit for now anyway.

These are also the same people who sent a well respected conservative activist and leader to Mark Fisher, as an intermediary, between Fisher and a Democrat fat cat, with an offer of a plush State cabinet post in return for withdrawing from the gubernatorial race.

At the risk of alienating some of my conservative friends, I believe that ill-advised transaction constitutes the equivalency of a bribe, whether money was mentioned or not, as part of the deal, which I don’t believe it was, though Mark Fisher believes at the very least it was implied.

Either way it was still a bribe and anyone involved in the transaction should have stayed far away from it, though it does not appear to have been illegal.

 It just smells bad.

The same way it smelled bad when former Mitt Romney’s guy, MA GOP Chairman Bob Maginn,  offered State Committee members offers of free meals, drinks, and free support for their web sites if they would vote for Maginn as Chairman of the MA GOP, a strategy that worked.

Then there was the Liberty Slate massacre; the Kirsten Hughes era accompanied by her political sugar daddy’s, Scott Brown, Ron Kaufman, and William Weld and his fair haired boy, Charlie Baker.

And I won’t even mention House Minority Leader, Battlin Brad Jones, of whom I said in my previous post:  “The Lions in their dens tremble at his presence”, steeling a quote from the Academy Award winning movie, "Patton".

 Well nobody said that about Brad Jones and ever will, but I'm in a sarcastic mood this morning, and  couldn't help myself. ______________________________________________________________________________

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MA Proposed Voter ID Bills Need to be Amended Further 6/29/2014

Eight Voter ID Bills Pending in MA Legislature Amid Growing National Trend


Jun 29, 2014

MA Proposed Voter ID Bills Need to be Amended Further

If Massachusetts Conservatives and Tea Party activists learned anything from watching the GOP Primary election in Mississippi this week,  it was that both parties need monitoring when it comes to dirty tricks and compromises in voter integrity at the polls.

And with 8 voter ID bills still circulating on Beacon Hill, as discussed in the June edition of Boston Broadside, as well as at the Jazz Patriot,  or languishing unattended in a dusty committee room inbox someplace, it now appears that those bills need to be amended further, if someone can actually find them.

                                                 Voting is wonderful the second time around

Run-off elections present opportunities for voters who voted for their party’s candidate in the primary to vote for the opposition party’s candidate in a run-off election.  Apparently it doesn’t seem to matter that in Mississippi, there is a law on the books preventing such actions.

Which necessitates the need for alert poll watchers during elections, as I also discussed in my previous article.

A petition currently being circulated online by the Christy McDaniels campaign says: “Mississippi election law states, any voter who casts their primary ballot for a member of their party may not crossover and cast a vote in the other political party’s run-off election.

So I suggest that one of the now very lonely and neglected, voter ID bills that I wrote about in the June edition of Boston Broadside, entitled 8 Voter ID Bills Proposed in Mass, which can also be seen at www.bostonbroadside.com, be amended  to include safeguards to prevent voters from voting for two different parties during run-off elections.

Of course we realize that neither political party in Massachusetts, would ever try to pull off such a stunt as was attempted by Mississippi Democrats, who used fear mongering techniques and racist overtones on robo calls and flyers that lied  about tea party candidates and scared democrat voters half to death.

As I wrote previously: Most proposed legislation requires a valid government issued photo identification card and some bills, such as H.3308, which was submitted by the house minority leader, “Battlin Brad Jones”, of whom it has been said, “The lions in their dens tremble at his presence”,  even require valid proof of residence if requested by an election official, such as a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, or other government document that shows the name and address of the person requesting to vote.

Now it seems that will not be enough, if we are to ensure genuine voter integrity at the polls.
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Eight Voter ID Bills pending in MA Legislature amid growing national trend 
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Jun 19, 2014

Justina Pelletier Returns to her famiily

The Free Justina Pelletier Clock has been removed from the Jazz Patriot blog after Justina Pelletier spent 480 days in captivity at the hands of Governor Deval Patrick, the Mass State Legislature, the MA Juvenile Court System, the DCF (Department of Children and Families) and last but not least, Children’s Hospital, which in my opinion engaged in an act of pure EVIL!!!

The reputation of all of the above mentioned parties has been smeared for ever, after taking advantage of a child ripped out of her family’s hands and taken control by the DCF, for the purpose of receiving large sums of research dollars and using her as a guinea pig.

The only consolation is that a national campaign is under way to see that “Justina” laws are implemented across the country to prevent such abuses from taking place again against another unsuspecting American family.

I hope that justice is served in this case and that criminal charges are brought against all those who had a role in this despicable crime against humanity. If Children’s hospital falls into a giant sinkhole or is sued into oblivion, I won’t be upset as there are great hospitals everywhere which will be able to take up the slack, including Tufts Medical Center where doctors there disagreed with a young doctor's diagnosis at Boston Children's hospital, that set this whole bizarre affair into motion.

From the very beginning Americans across the country knew instinctively that this was wrong. Even liberal attorney and Harvard University Professor Alan Dershowitz, took sides against Childrens Hospital which is a teaching hospital in the Harvard University system, by saying when a conflict in medical diagnosis of a child occurs, the final decision must be made by the child's parents. Any other action is unconstitutional Dershowitz stated on national television on the Mike Huckabee Show. .

Congratulations to all those who worked tirelessly on getting Justina Pelletier released, through your righteous activism, including letter writing campaigns, on line commentary, calls to talk radio shows, attendance at rallies, and prayers. The State's armor cracked under intense public pressure and Justina is now with her family. Praise the Lord!

Jun 11, 2014

Goodbye Eric Cantor and Welcome David Who?

David Bratt, Economics professor, stuns Eric Cantor with devastating defeat in Virginia

Constitutional conservatives and anti-immigration reform patriots all across the nation woke up  up energized and optimistic Wednesday morning, following the surprising defeat Tuesday  of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in Virginia by an unheralded economics professor with a copy of the constitution in one hand and a bible in the other named David Bratt, who tapped into real anger and frustration at the grass roots level with the Republican establishment.

It was the first time a Majority leader in the House had lost a primary challenge in history.
Eric Cantor

If I were conservative Massachusets gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher and US Congressional Candidate Mark Alliegro from the MA 9th CD, I would be feeling quite energized this week as well. 

And if I were  Charlie Baker and the MA GOP I would be concerned to say the least.


A warning shot across the bow was fired from one of my favorite states, Virginia, that showed the republican grass roots has had it with progressive republicans and the wishy washy, corrupt and immoral GOP establishment that is scared of it’s own shadow and couldn’t recognize a moral principle worth fighting for if it stared them in the face.

And there are those who believe this amazing upset might signal more than that. An upcoming wave election perhaps? Significant primary loses to Republican establishment icons and even those who have retained there seats have done so by winning with much smaller margins than one would expect for an incumbent.

The message from last night is not simply that amnesty and immigration reform is dead in America except through our treasoness president’s poison pen, but so is the republican establishment's dreams of getting rid of those "simple minded conservatives". 

We're not going anywhere folks. 

It was obvious in the immediate aftermath of Tuesday's election that the media was totally confused. Even on Fox news Bret Hume, a well known cheerleader for establishment GOP political candidates in the past like John Mccain and Mitt Romney , as well as someone who has appeared to turn his nose in disgust at many of the Tea Party leaders in the past,  appeared to be searching for an explanation and even appeared angry, dismissing the idea that  Eric Cantor favored amnesty for illegal immigrants.  

Another excuse given by many in the media was that turnout was low in Virginia when the figures now show that the turnout was higher than it was in 2012 and 2010. So that excuse is not only incorrect but it is an out right lie

 Listening to Mr Bratt’s analysis on Fox news last night showed he had used his extremely sparse  financial war chest to speak of common sense solutions for America’s economic woes, which also included establishing effective border security, as almost an after thought during the last few weeks of the campaign. 

Bringing the republican party back to it’s conservative roots was all that was necessary to send one of the most powerful progressive republicans in the US congress packing last night, and that is the way it should be all across the nation during the republican primaries as well as in Massachusetts. The only question is whether the GOP establishment and their consultants will pay attention.

But they better because the only hope America has to survive a while longer is through faith in God and unconditional defeat of both republican and democrat progressives at the polls. And as long as Jesus tarries, nothing is impossible, considering the polls portraying President Obama's dismal numbers.

I really believe that and apparently I’m not alone.

Jun 9, 2014

President Reagans 1984 speech at Normandy

If you have forgotten what it is like to have a President capable of discerning acts of valor and honorable service from acts of treason and evil, listen to President Ronald Reagan's 1984 speech at Normandy, a speech many believe to be the greatest of his presidency.